UK Considers Banning Kitchen Knives

We joke about it here in the U.S. that maybe the UK should ban kitchen knives since they can be used to kill someone. It looks like the UK may have taken those jokes a little too seriously because they’ve been considering banning long, pointed kitchen knives for the past several years. Researchers from West Middlesex University Hospital found that crime in their country was on the rise, and that kitchen knives were used in as many as half of all stabbings.

At least they’re being consistent. They thought guns were dangerous, so they banned guns. Now, they’re acknowledging that knives have taken the place of guns and are dangerous and should also be banned. BBC News reported:

“The researchers said there was no reason for long pointed knives to be publicly available at all. They consulted 10 top chefs from around the UK, and found such knives have little practical value in the kitchen. None of the chefs felt such knives were essential, since the point of a short blade was just as useful when a sharp end was needed. The researchers said a short pointed knife may cause a substantial superficial wound if used in an assault – but is unlikely to penetrate to inner organs. In contrast, a pointed long blade pierces the body like ‘cutting into a ripe melon.’”

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After they’ve banned long, pointy kitchen knives, are they going to ban sharp pencils? Nail files? Screwdrivers? Fists? They can keep banning all these objects, but people will always find other means of inflicting injury or death if that’s what they really want to do.

I think the U.S. is a long way away from banning kitchen knives. They’d first have to confiscate all the guns, and that’s just not going to be possible anytime soon.

I really don’t think that those in power over us want an all-out bloody war in order to disarm us. They know they have to be careful. They would much rather “conquer” us through our consent. They just want us to submit. We’re the frogs in the pot of water, and with every law that gets enacted, the heat turns up a little. We acclimate, and then they turn up the heat again, but only a little. Over time, we Americans simply forget and get used to the tyranny that we’ve grown up in and lived through. Before we know it, the water will be boiling us, and by then it will be too late for us to fight back. They want nothing more than a bunch of willing slaves who believe they are free and secure in government’s chains, which they see as the protective arms of a loving mother.

With every massacre that the media turns into an international spectacle, people’s brains will be numbed just a little more. With every opinion poll taken after each massacre, people will show their increasing willingness to just submit, turn in their guns and let the government take care of them.

One hopeful thing is for sure, though. In the midst of all these self-deceived slaves, there will always be a remnant of real freedom-lovers who refused to acclimate to tyranny.

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