UN & US Protects Muslims and Not Christians Since Serbia-Croatia

For decades, perhaps centuries, Christians and Muslims have warred against each other in the region now known as Serbia and Croatia.  Muslims have long held that Christians are infidels that need to either convert to Islam or be exterminated.  In 1990, area Christians began a process of ethnic cleansing to rid the region of Muslims.  The United Nations was horrified and intervened by sending in UN forces which included US troops and air strikes.

The Christian effort was eventually thwarted and the United Nations and United States successfully protected Muslims while waging war on Christians.  Since that time, both the UN and US have continued to protect Muslims, but not Christians.

Christians in the Sudan were being slaughtered by Muslims and no one came to their aid.  Muslims periodically went on mass attacks of Christian in Indonesia and again the UN and US remained silent.

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More recently, Christians by the thousands are being brutally attacked, beaten, raped, tortured, homes and churches burned and killed by Muslims in Nigeria, but again the UN and US remain silent.  While President Obama continued committing treason by aiding and abetting the Egyptian government and Muslim Brotherhood, they were openly attacking the nation’s Coptic Christians by the hundreds.  There was no secret that Egyptian Christians were being beaten, raped, tortured and murdered by Egyptian police, all of which were Muslim, but Obama and the UN remained silent.

Christians are being persecuted by Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Sudan, Nigeria, Turkmenistan, South Africa, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Kashmir and Mali.  Has the UN or US taken action to protect Christians in these nations or even condemn their persecution?  NO!

Yet, a few American servicemen urinated on the bodies of some dead Muslims and Obama is outraged, apologizes to the world and demands justice.  Muslim prisoners deface copies of the Koran and Bibles, so US troops burned the defaced holy books.  The world went into an uproar over the burned Korans and Obama again apologized and demanded reprimands be handed down, but no one mentioned that it was the Muslims that first defaced the Korans nor did anyone complain or protest the burning of Bibles.

Worse yet, we are seeing more persecution of Christians and the protection of Muslims happening here in the US.  Some judges here in the US are ruling based upon sharia law instead of state or federal law.  Muslims have taken over entire communities like Dearborn, Michigan resulting in Christians having their rights violated and being arrested for exercising their right of free speech and religion on a public street.  Dearborn high schools held a girls only prom for Muslim students and the prom was Islamic through and through, and yet Christians are not allowed to hold Baccalaureate or Christmas services because of the so-called separation of church and state.

Whenever the Jews turned away from God and embraced some pagan religion, God always withdrew His protective hand from them and allowed them to be conquered and captured by their enemies.  When they would once again turn back to God, He would raise them up from captivity and restore them.

Our Founding Fathers knew for certain that God had intervened on their behalf and helped them gain independence because they relied on Him.  They built the nations laws and culture on biblical principles.  God blessed them and has been protecting us ever since.  But our nation has turned from God and it is obvious that He has withdrawn His hand from us and I see our nation on the verge of collapsing and falling into the hands of our enemies, just like the Jews of the Old Testament.

There is only one way to prevent it and that is for the nation and the nation’s leaders to turn to God and embrace Him and His teachings.  Anything short of that spells our downfall and His judgment.  Are you prepared for this?

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