Uncle Sam is Not Your Baby Daddy: ‘Let’s Make America Work Again’

Welfare is not, should not be, a way of life. It is meant for struggling people who need to get their feet back under them. It is meant for the elderly and the veterans and the single mothers who cannot feed their children.

It is meant as a crutch for a short time, not meant to be a lifestyle. Nowadays we have people using their $800 iPhone to check their food stamps. When did we allow our system to be so badly abused?

President Donald Trump is absolutely right when he says we need welfare reform! No more welfare queens and kings!

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Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren fired up the engines and gave us a piece of her mind regarding welfare during her Fox News show, “Final Thoughts.”

She said, “One, the best anti-poverty measure is still a job. And two: Welfare is meant to be a second chance, not a way of life. Yes, it’s true, the Democratic Party used to be somewhat reasonable. Boy, what a difference from the modern-day Democratic position of ‘free stuff for everyone.'”

“Well, sorry, our country doesn’t operate like that. Maybe under Crazy Bernie Sanders. But not with Donald J. Trump,” she continued, “The president this week hit the nail on the head – once again – when he pointed out our nation’s desperate need for welfare reform. He’s right. It’s ridiculous some Americans have to work their butts off to make a living, while others sit back and suck off the system. It’s wrong, and fundamentally un-American.”

Tomi fired, “See, here’s the play: Democrats want to give poorer Americans just enough of a handout to keep them coming back to the voting booth, because government dependence is a sure-fire way to maintain power. But here’s the thing about entitlement recipients: Some of these people, they don’t want to work. Work means making enough to lose the welfare goodies.”


It’s about time we put America back to work. Uncle Sam is not your baby daddy! You want something? Work for it!

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