Underage Homosexual Relationship Accusation Rocks Sesame Street

Sesame Street was once again brought into national prominence during the presidential debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney when Romney stated he would cut off funding for PBS. Obama and the rest of the liberal media jumped on the opportunity to accuse Romney of wanting to slash funding for Big Bird.

Romney used this example as an area where he could cut federal spending but all the Democrats tried to make this a huge PR deal. What many people including Mitt Romney may not have been aware of was that PBS only receives about 15% of their funding from the government.

Now instead of using Sesame Street to scandalize Romney’s campaign, the popular children’s program is now being rocked by its own scandal. Kevin Clash is the voice of Elmo, one of the main characters on Sesame Street. Clash (52) has been accused by a 23-year-old man of having had a homosexual relationship with him when he was only 16 years of age.

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As a child Kevin Clash dreamed of being a puppeteer and spent his whole life working to that goal. He joined the crew of Sesame Street in the mid-1980s and worked his way up to become Sesame Street senior puppet coordinator and Muppet captain.  Earlier this year the documentary Being Elmo: a Puppeteer’s Journey, featuring Clash’s childhood desire to his dream position today, was released.

Class has admitted to having a homosexual affair with the young man but said it happened after he had turned 18. When the young man notified Sesame Street officials, they did not take the claim seriously. Feeling that he was being ignored and that Sesame Street was doing their best to hush up the whole affair the young man hired one of the attorneys who represented one of the victims in the Jerry Sandusky case.

Sesame Street conducted their own investigation and did find inappropriate emails between Clash and the victim but none of them indicated the age of the victim. Clash was disciplined by Sesame Street for the inappropriate use of company email.

Even though Clash adamantly declares his innocence of having sexual relations with the young man while he was underage, he has requested a leave of absence from the program.

In the past if any other person, such as a Boy Scout leader, Catholic priest, college football assistant coach, are accused of having a homosexual relationship with an underage boy, the media is all over it. It will make the headlines. It will make the national news on every network. Yet very few people have heard of the same sort of scandal taking place with one of the top Sesame Street stars. That’s because the liberal mainstream media is doing everything in their power to help protect Sesame Street and Kevin Clash. This in of itself to cause an outrage among conservatives across the nation, but it won’t because most will never hear of it.

Just prior to posting this article, I learned that young gay man that made the accusations against Clash has now admitted through his attorney that in fact, their homosexual relationship was consensual and that it did not start until after he had turned 18.  Regardless of when it happened, you still have to ask why the main stream media did their best to protect Clash when they descended on Jerry Sandusky like a family of red necks on a plate of ribs.

Anyone who has seen Sesame Street in the last couple decades should be well aware of their liberal anti-American, anti-conservative agenda that they try to teach our children. They promote globalism over patriotism. They promote tolerance over personal values and morals. And in the last few years they promote homosexuality as being equal to traditional marriage. You could say in light of Kevin Clash and the homosexual relationship he has admitted to, that it gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘homosexual recruitment and propaganda’ that has been a topic pushed by Sesame Street.

If I had young children I would not let them watch Sesame Street because of these liberal, progressive, and socialistic ideas that they are trying to instill in America’s youth. And I strongly urge every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, babysitter or anyone involved with young children to evaluate what is being taught on Sesame Street for themself and ask themselves if this is what they want their young children to be taught.

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