Union Members Fined If They Don’t Show Up To Support Dem. Elizabeth Warren

The race for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts is probably one of the hottest contests in the country, next to the presidential race.  Democrat Elizabeth Warren is trying to unseat incumbent Republican Scott Brown.  Brown stunned the state and the nation by winning the seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy.

Warren is a law professor at Harvard Law School with less than stellar credentials.  It appears the only reason she was hired by Harvard Law School was to fill a minority quota as there were many other better qualified male candidates for the position.  From her days at Harvard Law School, she has also claimed minority status as being part American Indian.  However, further investigations reveal that if she does have any Indian blood in her that it is not nearly enough to qualify her as being part of the minority ethnic group.  But that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to claim it and use it to try to sway Indian votes for herself and Obama.  There is also evidence that she has been practicing law in the state of Massachusetts without a license.

With their candidate’s tarnished background and reputation, the Democrats are pulling out all of the stops to drum up enough support for Warren to help her unseat Brown in November.  At the recent Warren – Brown debate in Springfield, Massachusetts, a Republican tracker began asking questions to the Warren supporters outside.  He approached one Warren supporter and asked him if he had attended the earlier debate.  In the ensuing conversation, the Warren supporter admitted that had he not attended the debate, the labor union would have fined him $150 and then later adds that the fine would have been $250 for anyone that didn’t show up.

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This is not the first instance of Democratic corruption in Massachusetts.  When Scott Brown initially ran for Kennedy’s vacated senate seat in 2010, a person told a local blogger on camera that he had been paid $50 to wear a Martha Coakley shirt, even though he planned to vote for Brown.

If a Republican was caught paying people to support a GOP candidate, it would have been splashed all over the news.  GOP corruption would have garnered the headlines.  But let the Democrats pull off something like this and you most likely won’t hear a word about it.  It will be conveniently swept under the political rug and hidden from sight.

Such is the ugly world of Democratic politics.

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