Unionized Teachers Jeopardize Students’ Futures over Money

Have I ever told you how much I hate unions?  They are responsible for many companies going out of business because they could not afford union demands.  Unions are costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, especially unions that deal with government employees.  On more than one occasion I’ve seen unions ruin lives, families and causing union members to lose practically everything they own.

Many years ago, copper miners in central Arizona lost their homes, cars and families under such severe economic pressures that resulted in a number of divorces.  Why?  Because union officials refused to negotiate with the copper companies for months at a time; causing one strike to last over 9 months.

During the 2012 presidential campaigns, some unions were paying and busing union members to Romney and Ryan campaign events with instructions to disrupt the meetings.  Other union members had their jobs threatened if they didn’t support Obama and protest against Romney.

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But perhaps the teachers’ union in Abington Heights School District in Pennsylvania has stooped to the lowest and most unethical tactics I’ve seen.  The union is demanding a pay raise for teachers and they want it to be retroactive to as far back as 2011 when the last union contract expired.  So what are the teachers going to do if they don’t get the raise?

James Maria, Union President told union teachers that they aren’t required to write letters of recommendation for students who are trying to get into colleges and universities.  Furthermore, they don’t intend to write any letters of recommendation for students until the school district agrees to union demands.

Letters of recommendations from teachers can help make the difference for a number of students in being accepted to the college of their choice.  Without any letters, students can be easily bypassed for those who do have the recommendations.

Alex Fried, Junior Class President at the high school said when asking teachers for letters of recommendation, they are being told:

“Sorry, I can’t at this time.”

Sorry, the current situation provided doesn’t allow me to at this time.”

Fried says that many juniors need their letters before the November 1st deadline for early college applications and since the union contract has not been negotiated since 2011, the lack of recommendation letters could be devastating to a number of students.

Michael Mahon, School Superintendent says that the union is holding the students hostage because they want more money.

Basically, the union and teachers don’t give a damn about the students so they should not be in the teaching profession to begin with.

When unions stoop to kidnapping the futures of students over money, then they have no morals, values or anything to make them look any different than organized crime families.  Oh, yeah, organized crime has had their ties to unions for many decades, haven’t they?  Just ask Jimmy Hoffa if you can find him.

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