United Nations, Occupy Oakland Have Lots in Common

The United Nations this past week issued a wish list of ways to gouge the successful people of the world to fuel its dreams of global empire.

Meanwhile, on the Fourth of July, a small band of Occupy Oakland brigands had a more direct means of accomplishing the same goal when it held a rally and march called “F*** the Fourth.”

At the top of the United Nations’ list was a tax on the world’s billionaires. A mere 1 percent tax on billionaires, the report points out, would raise $46 billion. “Would this hurt them?” it asked.

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Would it hurt the billionaires? Probably not. But it could certainly hurt the more than 766,000 people who could be given $60,000-a-year jobs for the same amount of money.

The U.N. proposes to use the money to help the “less fortunate,” which really means to fund a bureaucracy that might, if it has the time, funnel some money to foreign bureaucracies that have stifled their own economies. If we get lucky, a few poor people might even get fed along the way.

The U.N. report acknowledges the tax is unlikely to win support from those targeted, but nonetheless calls the tax “an intriguing possibility.” (Did anyone else just hear that sound like the Red Skull cackling? Maybe just my imagination.)

Among other national economy-crushing plans the U.N. said it would like to implement are a carbon dioxide tax, a currency transaction tax, a cut of a proposed European Union sales tax and a higher tax on airline travel, which is already implemented in some nations.

All of the proposed taxes are low, but as history shows, they would grow substantially if enacted.

The Oakland Occupiers in their way want the same thing — domination and destruction of free markets in favor of a communist/fascist form of government with them in charge.

While America celebrated what’s left of its tattered independence under King Obama, the Occupiers’ mob of about 60 thugs marched through downtown Oakland, smashing windows, spray painting slogans like “kill cops” on buildings, setting small fires, vandalizing a police cruiser, burning an American flag and destroying property at City Hall, a clothing store, a bank and a hotel.

No arrests were made in any of the vandalism. One person was arrested for not having a permit for his sound system.

The Occupiers and the U.N. have a lot in common. Both want to see the U.S. weakened and ultimately dismantled. One group prefers bricks and Molotov cocktails; the other prefers reports and taxes.

And both groups are supported by our own White House. The United Nations is supported by treaties and bureaucracy. The Occupy movement is coordinated by former White House czar Van Jones and operated through a web of Communist and Nazi Party connections. King Obama himself has spoken in support of the Occupy movement.

That leaves you and me being squeezed from both sides.

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