United Nations Pushing To Legalize Prostitution Worldwide

In their continued effort to destroy the morals of the world, the United Nations is now proposing a measure to legalize prostitution worldwide.  Their Global Commission on HIV and the Law has put forth a recommendation that all countries on earth do away with punitive laws against what they call ‘consensual sex work’ or what we would call prostitution.

Part of their argument to legalize the industry is that it could then be better regulated, health wise, to reduce the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.  According to a posting on the Commission’s website,

“Laws should make things better. Sadly, as we stand at the precipice of finally ending AIDS, an epidemic of archaic and insensitive laws is stifling our efforts and making things far worse.”

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“The Global Commission on HIV and the Law came together to address this hidden crisis. The Commission’s report, ‘HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights and Health,’ leaves no doubt: it is time to unshackle the AIDS response.”

“Discriminatory laws that criminalize sex work, drug use and same-sex sexual activity create a culture of fear and drive those most at risk away from the very HIV services that could keep them alive. Some laws punish homosexuality with lengthy imprisonment, and others with death. Some criminalize needle exchange, despite that it is proven to be an effective HIV prevention tool…”

“We recognize that some of these laws may have been implemented in the belief that they would protect people from HIV. We also acknowledge that some laws were created to uphold cultural and moral beliefs and values. But history has proven time and time again that public health policies only succeed when they are driven by evidence and rooted in human rights, not in assumptions and ideology…”

“The truth is if we can rally support for a multibillion-dollar global effort to end AIDS, we can all muster the courage to put laws in place that make those dollars work…”

“We must aggressively deal with the wasteful, damaging laws that are standing in our way. There has never been so much to lose – or to gain.”

If you notice, they admit that some of the laws against sex work and homosexuality were made for moral beliefs and values, but it makes no difference to them.  In other words, the United Nations cares nothing about religious beliefs, morals and values, especially those that go against their liberal agenda.

Don’t forget that this is the same United Nations whose Youth Conference last year put forth the proposal that all youth, down to age 10, should have their own rights of sexual freedom.  That also included the right to engage in sexual work or prostitution without parental consent or knowledge.

Janice Crouse, Senior Fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute and a leader with Concerned Women for America points out that legalized prostitution has worked in countries and cities in the past in the prevention of HIV.  She explained,

“In fact, in Germany and Amsterdam, where it has been legal, they’ve found that the women do not want to be registered.  They find that demeaning to register as a prostitute; plus they don’t want to be registered because they’re required to have health tests.”

Crouse also points out that prostitutes make more money when they don’t comply with government regulations and registration.  She also fears that the Obama administration may go along with the U.N.’s push to legalize prostitution.  She explains,

“The Obama administration has taken a very active role in changing the climate at the U.N. — in much the same way that they’ve tried to change the climate here in the United States.  So, they want to mainstream behaviors and forget about the consequences of bad behaviors so that people just live in a Utopia that really doesn’t exist.”

This is another reason why we not only need to vote Barack Obama out of the White House in November, but also need to evict the United Nations from American soil.  The people of the United States would be better served by not only evicting the U.N. but also to withdraw membership and financial support of the godless and secular organization.  It should be obvious to everyone that the U.N.’s only goal is to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and establish a one world government with it being the controlling power.

We need to get rid of the United Nations to save billions of dollars, the lives of our servicemen and women, and save what moral values we still have left as a nation.

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