University of Arkansas Forced to Allow Male to Use Female Restrooms

In another crushing blow to decency and female safety, the Department of Justice has ordered the University of Arkansas to open their female bathrooms to a male who claims to be a transgender.

The student, who is only identified as Jennifer Braly is anatomically a male even though he dresses and acts like a female.   He claims that the divorce and custody battle has drained him of the necessary funds for the surgical transition to female.

Braly said that when he took a general psychology class, he asked his instructor if he could present a talk to the class on gender identity disorders, to which the instructor readily agreed.  The instructor also arranged for Braly to give the presentation to her other 2 classes along with another professor’s class.

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After giving the talks to try to get fellow students to better understand transgenders, the school started receiving complaints from female students about Braly using their bathrooms.  As one student said,

“‘I disagree with allowing a male to use the female restrooms.  Even if they are a transgendered person, they are still a man, and should have to use the men’s restroom.”

In response to the complaints, the school went to the expense of making some restrooms into unisex facilities.  However, Braly was not satisfied because none of the unisex restrooms were in the buildings where most of his classes were, so he filed a complaint with the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

Not surprisingly, the DOJ jumped right on the complaint and notified the University of Arkansas that they needed to authorize Braly to have access to female bathrooms.  Nothing in the DOJ response dealt with the issue that he is still anatomically male and that a number of female students feel threatened by having him use their facilities at the same time.  It seems that all the DOJ was interested in was extending special privileges to a male who wants to be a woman, but isn’t.  They didn’t care about trampling on the rights of privacy, decency and safety of the female students.

Over and over we see case after case of how LGBT people demand special privileges.  They don’t want equality, they insist on superiority and the more they do, the more our liberal sin coddling government gives into them.  To modify a quote by Mr Spock on Star Trek,

“The sinful desires of the one, outweighs the rights of the many.”

With this kind of ruling, what is to stop any pervert, rapist or peeping tom to dress up as a female and claim to be a transgender, just to get access to the women’s bathroom where they can carry out their sinful plans and desires?

And as long as the government continues to give in to their demands, God will continue to judge our nation.  Heaven help us if that continues.

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