University Vending Machine Kills Babies and Promotes Sexual Promiscuity

Just over forty miles west southwest of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the Cumberland Valley, lies the community of Shippensburg, home to the university that bears the same name as the town.  Shippensburg University was founded in 1871 and has an enrollment of about 8,300 students with a 19/1 student/faculty ratio.

Most of the nation has probably never heard of Shippensburg University, that is until this past week when they made national news.

Two weeks ago, a local reporter requested information concerning the availability to students of any Plan B medications at the university.  The university provided the requested information to the reporter who then published a report earlier this week stating that the university had placed the morning after pill in a vending machine at the campus health center.

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The news of the vending machine pill dispenser instantly made national news and the university was bombarded with comments and accusations from all sides of the issue.

On Thursday Feb 9 University President William Ruud issued an official statement in which he said,

“Plan B is an over-the-counter medication available without prescription for those 17 years old or older at pharmacies and drug stores around the nation. The health center is NOT dispensing RU-486, also called the abortion pill. The center is dispensing Plan B, a single dose medication that prevents implantation of a fertilized zygote, will not harm a developing embryo or fetus, and will not work on women who are already pregnant. Plan B does not contain estrogen and does not cause serious side effects in users. We are, as we have said previously, among the majority of universities and colleges in Pennsylvania and the nation to make Plan B available to students.

Many have expressed concern that the medication is available in a vending machine and it is being made available without what they consider to be necessary sharing of information prior to purchase. The machine, which vends only health-related items, is in a private room in our health center and the health center is accessible only by students 17 and older and not the public. Students proceed to a check-in desk in the lobby and after checking in using appropriate identification are granted access to the private treatment area. No state-supported or taxpayer-supported dollars are used for this service.”

In President Ruud’s statement he admits that Plan B prevents a FERTILIZED ZYGOTE from implanting in the uterus.  In other words, this newly created human life, which has already started dividing into multiple cells, is not allowed to attach to the would be mother and is just passed out of the body as nothing but waste material.  Ruud admits the egg is fertilized and by referring to it as a zygote means he understands that it is already forming a living human baby.

Ruud also infers that this is not an abortion pill but what do you call it when it prevents an already fertilized egg from surviving?

Sorry President Ruud, but no matter how you try to word it, Plan B ultimately destroys and ends a human life just as if you starved, suffocated and shut off the blood supply to grown person.  Plan B, is murder.

Secondary to the ethics and sanctity of life issue is the message it is sending out to the student body.  By providing a morning after pill to the student body, it is sending a signal that they are free to frolic in bed with each other and not worry about the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy.  All they have to do is trot down to health services, check in and then go to the ‘private’ vending machine and get a pill to kill anything that may have been created.

I would hope and pray that any parent contemplating sending their son or daughter to Shippensburg University would have second thoughts about such a morally liberal institution.

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