Unmasking America’s Sad Hypocrisy

In the short course of the thirty years from 1941 to 1971, what went unnoticed is now on sad, full display. On that 1941 “day of infamy,” the cost of almost three thousand lives justified an immediate call to action with a declaration of war. That was then and this is now, as the saying goes.

It should be noted that a very real indicator of where we have transitioned from is that that Congressional action was the last Constitutional response from a body that now sees our President as the usurper of our Constitution and its sacred separation of powers. How noble of these suddenly aroused public servants! However, where has this Constitutional allegiance been during the intervening years?

It appears that this elected brand of hypocrisy has reached new heights. Consider the seemingly ageless Rep. Steny Hoyer remark that “I pray that the members of the House will have the conscience and the courage to protect the greatest Constitution the world has ever seen.” Wow, he must be the eternal optimist since both qualities have been AWOL since VJ Day!

Not to be taken as partisan, the GOP can claim equal time for this sudden Constitutional concern. With statements such as the one offered by Sen. Tom Tillis, it becomes a toss up as to whether his guiding light is from hypocrisy or just plain ignorance, as one might assume when hearing, “It is my responsibility to be a steward of the Article 1 branch, to preserve the separation of powers and to curb the kind of overreach that Congress has allowed to fester for the better part of the past century.”

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A bit wordy, bloviating usually is, but there is more to his cited Constitutional stewardship than just Article 1 since swearing in ceremonies include the oath of office, an allegiance to the entire Constitution, not just one Article! Also too, preserving and protecting Article IV, Section 4 should be at the forefront since its pertinent and its explicit mandate defies this push back against America’s building a protective wall.

Briefly, Sect 4 states; “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion…” Maybe the good Senator never read past Article 1? Seem so.

Returning to what has happened since 1971, loss of life, particularly American life, has become accepted as a more common day occurrence.

Since America’s blundering creation of the United Nations, its continued presence and growing authority is antithetical since the world has never experienced a single peaceful day. Their failure was most notable with our “wars” in both Korea and later in Vietnam. It needs noting that both horrific sacrifices occurred without those august “stewards” of our Constitutional order being stirred towards a legal declaration!

Amazingly, given his longevity, Hoyer nor any of today’s Congressional members were involved back then. While war’s inherent cohort is loss of life, such a brutish reality is abhorrent with a mother’s role for producing new life. So much so that the Roman Catholic faith, at one time, considered contraceptive methods, such as the pill, to be a sinful act.

After digesting the price of war without much regard, Roe v. Wade was introduced through a Supreme Court finding, which somehow became “the law of the land.” This heavy handed judicial ruling continues today as law, as does Congress’ silent acquiescence. Where was this “separation of powers” concern then, and also sadly, today? Seems as though the power of the purse, not issues regarding life, take their top billing.

In summation, Americans are being given a course at what is shaping into an at home threat. If the consistency of daily reporting and over blown coverage is any indicator, these new Congressional faces have defined our dilemma in a most frightening manner. If anything, all this should slam home the need that average America must also defend and that ‘enough is enough!’ A re-familiarization of our Constitution, in addition to the Bible may provide the best path for our renewing of the moral ground common to the sanctity of life.

In closing, along with this Mueller farce, honorable, hard working and patriotic citizens who love their country, and who have served and sacrificed for its well being, seem to be quite fed up with all this vocal defense of Congress’ spending authority verses a supposedly made up national emergency. Our bottom line: The facts of our continued and needless loss of American life fly in the face of such false claims of “stewardship!”

Jim Bowman

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