Unreal: First State Announces Plan to Issue ‘Genderless’ Driver’s License

Why is so hard for some people to determine whether they have a vagina or a penis between their legs? It is hard to distinguish between the two, and Google has photos if you are confused.  I simply do not understand the liberal headcases that claim to be ‘non binary’ and ‘genderless’ or whatever other imaginary terms they can dream up. Even more than that, I am baffled that any kind of government forum would entertain such nonsense.

Oregon has announced their plan to allow made up genders on government issued, driver’s licenses. Have they completely given up on reality and biology?

According to Federalist Papers:

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There is actually a piece of legislation in the state of Oregon that would change the Department of Motor Vehicle licensing requirements to allow residents to not identify their gender as male or female. These people would be classified as “X” on their licenses. This all stemmed from a court case. From Oregon Live:

DMV Nonbinary Gender Hearing
When: May 10, 6 p.m.
Where: The Multnomah Building, 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Last year, a Multnomah County Circuit Court judge allowed Portland Army veteran Jamie Shupe to legally identify as neither male nor female . Legal experts believed the ruling was a first in the United States.

“We have a system in much of this nation that is forcing intersex, transgender and nonbinary people to make a choice between male or female, when it doesn’t fit them or accurately describe them,” Shupe said. “In the case of people like me, it’s like making a mixed-race kid identify as white, and pretend to be white and have the doctors trying to make them white.”

This leaves sooooooo many situations without an answer. For example, say person “X” is in an accident and must receive medical attention in order to live. How exactly will doctors or nurses know the gender of “X” to treat them? Will thorough examinations now become part of the regular routine to treat unconscious victims?

Another situation could be:

“X” may commit a crime. How exactly does that person get described when an all-points bulletin is put out for them? “Police are on the lookout for an ‘X’ in the Seattle area”? Also, what about when someone is missing and the police have to put out a missing person alert?

The left is so delusional that they do not even realize they are living in a fantasy world. They do not think 5 steps ahead, but rather one step at a time. Unfortunately, life is a lot like chess, and cannot be lived one step at a time. Successful societies cannot be ran by today’s feelings and whether Tommy wants to identify as “X” or as a cat. This is almost as bad as Obama’s “brilliant” decision to put men in the women’s restrooms, and boys in the girls’ locker room.

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