US Born Al Qaeda Terrorist Wants Bounties On US Ambassadors In Arab Countries

Adam Pearlman was born and raised in California.  In 1995, at the age of 17, he converted to Islam and changed his name to Adam Yahiye Gadahn.  Today, he in on the US most wanted list with a $1 million price on his head.

Gadahn became a media advisor and senior operative in al Qaeda and is believed to have been the inspiration behind some of Osama bin Laden’s videos.  In 2007 Gadahn called for al Qaeda operatives to target US embassies and diplomats around the world, especially those in the Arab countries because of the US involvement in Iran and Afghanistan.

Now he is making waves in the Islamic terrorist world once again.  Gadahn posted a 39 minute video on a number of terrorist websites calling on wealthy Muslims to start posting rewards or bounties for anyone who kills a US ambassador anywhere in the Arab world.  He cited the bounties set last year on the US Ambassador to Yemen.

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In his video, which aired in Arabic, Gadahn said:

“These prizes have a great effect in instilling fear in the hearts of our cowardly enemies.  They also encourage hesitant individuals to carry out important and great deeds in the path of Allah.”

Let’s not forget that President Obama no longer wants us to use the terms like ‘Muslim terrorists’ or Islamic extremists.’    He also left our Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens and the other American’s at the US Consulate compound to die at the hands of the same people he doesn’t believe are terrorists.  I wonder if Obama would use the words ‘terrorist’ or ‘Islamic extremist’ when referring to Adam Gadahn?  Or would Obama just refer to him as a poor misguided California man who’s confused about his values?

I know one thing, the way our State Department failed to protect Ambassador Stevens, I sure wouldn’t want to be an ambassador or their staff at any of the embassies that region of the world, would you?

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