The US Cannot Bring Peace to Iraq

What makes anyone with a brain believe that the US can bring peace to Iraq?

The conflict between the two Islamic sects goes back to the death of their prophet Muhammad in 632 AD when a successor was to be named to lead the Islamic people. The majority, the Sunni, wanted the community to select the new leader and a minority, the Shiites or Shia, insisted that Muhammad’s successor be a family member, namely Ali who was Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law, married to his daughter Fatimah.

The Sunni majority won out and named the first caliph, but the Shiite minority was not happy and tensions soon flared into conflicts. Eventually Ali was named as the fourth caliph, but it was too late. Ali was murdered at Kufa in present day Iraq in 661 AD as were several of the early caliphs.

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Ali’s son Hussein assumed the leadership of the Shiites and openly rejected the rule of the Sunni caliph. Hussein continued to defy the caliph and eventually faced the caliph’s very large army with only 72 followers, many of which were family members. The caliph’s army massacred Hussein and his small group. He was beheaded and his head was taken to the Sunni caliph in Damascus. His body was left on the battlefield until it was burned and buried.

The Shiites still celebrate the martyrdom of Hussein in annual celebration called Ashoura. Many staunch Shiites will publically self-flagellate or whip themselves as a tribute to Hussein.

Ali was the first imam and Hussein was the third imam of the Shiite sect. The Sunni have clerics, not imams and this distinction has also led to the tensions between the two sects. The conflict between the two factions continued to escalate until war has been waged between the two Muslim factions ever since.

There are also fundamental religious issues between the two factions in how they interpret the Quran and how strict they enforce that interpretation and their beliefs.

Today, the Sunni Muslims are still the majority, but the Shiites have managed to gain control of some of the Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. They have also managed to control many of the oil rich regions of those countries and in Iraq, thus providing great wealth to the Shiite leadership.

In Iraq, Jalal Talabani is the president of Iraq. He assumed the post in 2005 after the US removal of Saddam Hussein. Talabani is a Sunni Muslim who is very familiar with the 1,400 years of tension between the Sunni and Shiite. Instead of trying to make peace with the minority Shiite Iraqis in the northern part of the country, Talabani has only worked to destroy any hopes of peace.

Now, the Shiites are renewing their war with the Sunni leadership in Iraq. They have taken the name of the ISIS – Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and have vowed to take over Iraq from the Sunni leadership that has treated them cruelly.

If the US gets involved again in the war between the Shiites and Sunnis, we will only lose more troops in a battle that has been raging for 1,400 years. To believe that we can bring peace to the two sides is as naïve as thinking that conservatives will totally accept everything that Obama is doing to destroy our nation. It’s not going to happen.

On the news I listened to Democrats and Republicans in Washington all saying that what is going on in Iraq is a direct threat to America’s national security. They’re concerned about oil and the possible threat of nuclear weapons. America has enough oil to take care of itself and before Obama took office, we had hundreds of times the nuclear arsenal to defend ourselves.

Instead of getting involved in the millennial old conflict between the Shiites and Sunni in Iraq, I believe that we need to concentrate on our national security here at home first by securing our borders. Illegal aliens and drugs are pouring into our country at an alarming rate. It has been shown that a number of them carry highly contagious diseases which pose a major health threat to our nation. There is also a number of Muslims that are crossing into the country illegally through Mexico and who knows how many of them are part of terrorist groups with plans to carry out attacks here in the US.

We need to contact our politicians in Washington and demand that they secure the United States before trying to stop a 1,400 year old war that we will never be able to stop. The US lost 4,804 lives in Iraq from 2003 to 2012. We don’t need to lose any more!

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