US Can’t Solve ISIS Problem, Arab Nations Have To Do It Themselves Says Army Chief of Staff

From the first time the US sent troops Iraq and Afghanistan, I’ve been contending that it won’t matter what the US does in the region. There has been war in the Middle East for at least 1,000 years between the two sects of Islam and between ethnic groups of people. Shiite Muslims have been fighting Sunni Muslims for centuries. In Afghanistan alone there are fourteen different ethnic groups and at least two or more of those groups have been warring against each other for centuries. In Iraq there are four major ethnic groups and some of them are further divided up and like in Afghanistan, they don’t like each other.

Among all of the ethnic groups in the Middle East, there are always some that are more conservative and others that are more liberal and those that are extremists. In the past couple of decades we have heard a lot about some of the more radical groups such as the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, PLO, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haran and ISIS to name just a few.

The one thing all of these radical Islamic groups have in common is that their main battles are with other Muslims. If one radical Islamic group is defeated, there has always been another to take its place and that’s what Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno said Thursday on CBS This Morning.

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When asked about America putting boots on the ground to fight ISIS, he basically said it won’t matter. He gave the example of the US going into Iraq to oust the terrorist regime of Saddam Hussein and fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. For the most part the US helped defeat the radicals and then helped the Iraqi government get established. We helped train their new military and police to protect themselves. Within a couple years of withdrawing most of our troops, Iraq is floundering and ISIS has been conquering more area in the northern part of the nation.

Odierno said that the Muslims need to resolve their own problems. We can render aid and help train, but the real problem is up to them to resolve, not the US, because it won’t make any difference in the long run.

I totally agree with Odierno and believe he is the first military leader I’ve heard in the past decade or so that has a grasp of the true nature of the problems plaguing the Middle Eastern Islamic nations. I admit that ISIS is a growing threat to many nations and even to the US, but our primary responsibility is to protect our own nation and people before we send more American troops to die on foreign soil for a hopeless cause.

I believe our nation would be much safer and stronger if our troops were stationed along our own borders instead of being in other countries. Give them all of the weapons and tools they need to secure our borders and prevent illegals and terrorists from just freely walking into our currently unprotected nation. I also have no problem with stationing some troops in major airports that handle international flights. One of the basic lessons taught in the art of war is that the best offense begins with a strong defense and right now, thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obama, we have a very weak defense.

Once we strengthen our defense, then and only then should we consider venturing beyond our borders to help other nations. America is not the world’s police or peacekeepers, especially when we haven’t secured our own peace and safety.

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