US Citizenship – American Law or Sharia Law?

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has come under fire for his comments that Muslims running for public office in the United States should denounce Sharia law.

Not surprising, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) instantly blasted Gingrich for his comment.  They claim that Americans should be tolerant and understanding of the Islamic religion and their beliefs.

Andrea Lafferty, president of Traditional Values Coalition, responded to CAIR’s attack on Gingrich saying,

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“What CAIR fails to mention in their cries for religious freedom is the utter lack of reciprocation sharia law shows for its victims.  It does not respect all humans equally, it favors men over women, [and] it’s abusive towards religious minorities [and] people who choose to leave Islam.

“They persecute you if you are Christian; service people aren’t allowed to have Bibles and wear crosses and that kind of thing when they’re over there, let alone citizens in Saudi Arabia.  And in Egypt, [Nigeria, and Sudan,] Christians are being killed.”

In all honesty, I don’t think Gingrich went far enough in his statement.  I believe that any Muslim living in the United States should abide by the laws of their state and those of the federal government.  Those Muslims that immigrate to the United States and who wish to become US citizens should be forced to renounce Sharia law when taking the oath of citizenship.  When they take that oath, they swear to abide by the laws of the nation and the last I knew Sharia law is a direct contradiction to American law.

Sharia law goes further than what Andrea Lafferty explained.  In some Muslim nations that abide by strict Sharia law, women are not allowed to obtain a driver’s license, walk on the sidewalk next a man, speak to a man in public or even work in some jobs that allow them to come into contact with a man.

Sharia law also has a strict one-sided honor system.  A Muslim man can discipline his wife and daughters for the slightest infraction.  That discipline can include starvation, beating and even honor killings.  If a Muslim woman is raped by any man, including a Muslim man, the woman is considered spoiled and broken, much like a dinner plate that has been broken.  She brings shame to her entire family and quite often the only way to reclaim that honor is for her father or brother or other close male family relative to kill her.  As for the man that commits the rape?  More often than not he goes free and has no shame to bear for what he did.

In strict Sharia law, if a Muslim woman is caught turning her head to look at a man not of her family, she is considered to be disrespecting her husband and/or father and is subject to discipline.

To be honest, American male chauvinism doesn’t hold a candle to the way Sharia law treats women.  Basically they are a man’s possession, just like his car, cow or garbage can.  They can dispose of them as they do a car or garbage can.

If Muslims are allowed to practice their Sharia law here in the United States, then what is to stop any other religion from practicing their laws such a polygamy and child brides among Mormons or animal sacrifices among some of the animist religions.  Then what happens when someone claims that their religious beliefs include pedophilia?  Will that be allowed also?

Muslims want American’s to accept them and to embrace their ways, including Sharia law.  But Sharia law has no place in American law, culture or in any country for that matter.  It is completely degrading to women and should be repulsive to anyone with a sense of decency.

If they want to live here in our country, then they need to accept our laws.  After all, Muslim nations don’t allow Americans or Christians to keep their ways or laws in their country, so why should we allow them to keep them in our country.  And so I ask you, why should a Muslim be allowed to retain Sharia law if they want to live in America and under American law?

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