US Government Labels You and Me as Potential Terrorists

Before Barack Obama lied his way into the White House, the government definition of a terrorist was someone like Osama bin Laden and the Muslims responsible for the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  But since Obama usurped the presidency, the government has completely redefined what a terrorist or potential terrorist is.  All references to Islamic jihadists or anything else dealing with Islam has been removed from government documents.

What has replaced the references to Islam and jihadists may just surprise you.  According to a list that was made from various government documents, I fit approximately 50 of the 72 qualifications for someone who our government would consider an extremist and a potential terrorist threat.

I’m a conservative Christian, who believes what the Bible says about homosexuality, parent’s rights, and making your Christian faith part of every aspect of private and public life including politics and government.  I’m also very patriotic to what America used to be and am a firm believer in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  I believe in the First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and religion, the Second Amendment rights to own and bear arms, the Fourth Amendment rights against illegal search and seizure and the Tenth Amendment guaranteeing states’ rights over the federal government.  I believe in a limited and small federal government.  I believe in the sovereignty of the United States and that anyone who takes action against that sovereignty, such as the United Nations and the Democratic Party are enemies of America and should be dealt with accordingly.

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I can go on, but just that last paragraph, our government would not consider me as a loyal American, but as an extreme right wing potential terrorist.  Furthermore, anyone that fits any of the 72 qualifications are believed to have no rights and subject to the same treatment as the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Do you consider yourself to be a loyal American or a potential terrorist?  How many of the 72 categories for potential terrorist or extremist do you fit?

The Obama government is doing everything they can, legally and illegally to discredit and demonize Christians, patriots, conservatives and anyone else who values the Constitution and what’s good about America.  Their goal is to brainwash the American public to believe that people like me are the enemy that wants to destroy America when in reality we only want to protect the greatness of America and our Christian faith against those like Obama who intend to destroy our nation.   Given the current control of the Democratic Party over American politics, Obama will succeed and very soon.  If he does, are you ready to be interred in a federal prison camp?

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