US Should Adopt Mexico’s Immigration Laws

Every time the United States attempts to block illegals from entering our country or every time we attempt to tamp up or even talk about increasing deportation of illegals, the Mexican government gets angry and criticizes us. The Mexican government does little to stop their people from crossing into the United States and they refuse to accept the return of many illegals because of their criminal and gang records.

Yet, the Mexican government has strict immigration laws which they vigorously enforce. In fact, I wish the US had and enforced the same immigration policies that Mexico has.

To begin with, Mexico requires that all immigrants have the economical means to support themselves. The US welcomes everyone, legal or illegal and then allows them to go on welfare and leech off the government and taxpayers. Over half of all immigrants in the US receive some form of welfare. This is not allowed in Mexico.

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Secondly, Mexico requires immigrants to be both physically and mentally healthy. The US doesn’t care and will take anyone in any condition no matter how much it ends up costing taxpayers to support them.

Third, Mexico insists that all immigrants be of good character and have no criminal record. The US is burgeoning with immigrants, legal and illegal, with criminal records. Obama promised that all illegals with felony records be deported but over the past several years, his administration has released several hundred thousand illegals with felony records into your neighborhoods to continue their lives of preying on innocent American citizens.

Fourth, Mexico does not allow foreign visitors from getting involved in their internal government policies. If they do, they are either deported or jailed. Here in the US we allow illegals to march in protest and even usurp the rights of US citizens. American students have been disciplined for being patriotic because it offended illegals; I say that is totally unacceptable.

Fifth, Mexico does not tolerate illegal immigration. They consider it a felony offense punishable by immediate deportation or jail. If someone attempts to illegally re-enter Mexico a second time, they face up to 10 years in prison, and trust me, Mexican prisons are not a place anyone wants to be. Here in the US, we just keep arresting, deporting or releasing repeat offenders. We treat them like the parent in the store that keeps telling their kids to stop doing something but never follow through with any form of discipline.

Sixth, Mexico will arrest any foreigner caught working in Mexico without a government permit. They are sent to jail and the company that hires them can face significant fines. Here in the US, Obama just grants every illegal the right to take jobs away from hungry Americans.

The bottom line is that Mexico’s immigration laws are written to protect Mexico and their citizens above all else. The US has strong immigration laws but we have an administration that refuses to enforce them, placing the welfare of illegals over the welfare of American citizens. In truth, Obama knowingly places our national security at risk by his refusal to enforce US immigration laws and secure the borders.

If Republicans want to pass immigration reform, they should take a long hard look at Mexico’s immigration laws and pattern ours after theirs. After all, Obama constantly looks to other countries as models for his policies like he did with our national socialist healthcare system. Why shouldn’t Republicans do the same for immigration reform?

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