US Taxpayers To Help Detroit While They Spend Millions On New Hockey Arena

What do you get from 51 years of Democratic rule in one of America’s major cities?  You get a deficit of nearly $20 billion and a city filing for bankruptcy.  What is the typical Democratic solution to such a financial crisis?  They spend more money that they don’t have.

In August, we learned that the city approved a plan to build a $650 million ice hockey arena in downtown Detroit.  According to city officials, taxpayers will fund $283 million of the project with the rest coming from private funding.

The location is in the midst of a section of town that many people will not venture into because of the crime and violence.  However, city officials believe that building the sports complex will bring people back into the downtown area and help revitalize it.

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Now to add insult to stupidity, President Obama is sending $320 million to Motor City to help fight crime, improve mass transit and eliminate the blight that makes the city look war torn.  The money consists of federal, state and private funds, but they are not saying how much is coming from each source.  Federal and state funds mean taxpayer dollars will be used to help a city that is spending a fortune on a hockey arena.

The White House said that part of the federal bailout will use $150 million to demolish and clean up blighted properties.  That may well leave the city looking quite sparse since nearly one-third of buildings in the city limits are empty.  In some neighborhoods, block after block of homes are vacant and run down, making great locations for drug dealers and gangs.

Three million dollars is coming from the Justice Department to help provide for more police officers to help fight the high crime rate.  Detroit’s crime rate is higher than 98% of other cities in the country.  It takes police nearly an hour to respond to priority calls, largely because the number of police has dropped by 40% since 2000.

Another $140 million will be used for mass transit that will supposedly help bring people into the high crime downtown area.  Part of the transit funds will be used for security cameras and bus repairs and some will be used for a street car project.

I just wanted to you feel assured that President Obama is making good use of your tax dollars by sending them to a city that is spending almost as much as Obama is giving them to build a hockey arena at the same time they are in bankruptcy.  This folks is a prime example of Democratic economics.  It’s also a picture of what America as a nation is quickly becoming.  Doesn’t that just make you all warm and fuzzy feeling?

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