US to Help Build New Office Building for Our #1 Enemy

It’s bad enough that the United States pay 22% of the total United Nations budget, but now we may end up paying the lion’s share of a new UN office building.

The United Nations is in the final stages of purchasing a New York City playground on which it plans to build a new office building.  The cost of the building alone, excluding the land and security is $350-$475 million dollars.  If it is anything like the renovation of the main UN building that was originally going to cost only $600 million but is now closing in on $2 billion, the new building cost could run as high as $1.5 billion.

Brett Schaefer of the Heritage Foundation expressed his concern about the cost to the American people when he said, ‘[C]onstructing a second U.N. building would likely have significant financial implications for the U.S. federal government, which pays 22 percent of the U.N. regular budget and would likely shoulder increased payments to the U.N. in future years resulting from costs associated with the project.  Congress has yet either to hold hearings on or to examine the details of this plan. Nor is it clear that the Obama Administration has asked for or been provided detailed information on this project.’

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Managing editor of National Affairs, Meghan Clyne said it best when she said, ‘The question, however, is why US taxpayers would pay a dime toward this project.  At a time when we’re hugely in debt, and the United Nations is busy pushing Palestinian statehood and fêting Iranian nut-job Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, why should we fork over millions of dollars — and a city park — to make the United Nations’ dream of nicer, more convenient offices come true?’

The United Nations is one of the most liberal political organizations in the world.  When compared to them, Obama Democrats seem conservative.  They’ve made it no secret that they want a one world government and one world economy.  They want to do away with countries, borders patriotism and the American way of life.  The UN is the single most powerful enemy of the United States.

So why in the world do we even tolerate them, let alone pay more of their budget than any other country in the world does?  It’s like paying someone to poison you so they can own all of your possessions.

Instead of Congress approving anything else for the UN, they need to carefully scrutinize just how much of an enemy they are to us and kick their enemy butts our of our country and never let them back in.

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