Did US Use Chemical Weapons At WACO in 1993?

Are they conspiracy theories or fact?  If you look up WACO and the Branch Davidians on most official websites, they say that the US used tear gas at WACO that ignited a massive fire that contributed to the deaths of 76 men, women and children.

The cult was held up in their compound when Texas law enforcement, FBI and ATF agents surrounded the compound and demanded that David Koresh, the leader of the Branch Davidians surrender.  When he refused, government agents opened fire on the compound, believing this show of force would lead to the surrender, but the Davidians returned fire and held off the attack.  In that initial attack, six members of the Branch Davidians and four ATF agents had been killed.

The standoff lasted 51 days, from February 28 to April 19.  After weeks of frustration, tension and national media coverage, then President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno authorized a full military assault on the compound.  According to official government reports, the FBI launched tear gas into the chapel where many of the cult members were hold up.  A fire broke out and quickly spread, killing David Koresh and 75 others.  A subsequent government investigation claimed that the fire was set by the Branch Davidians themselves and not by the FBI.

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However, unofficial reports claim:

“Special military tanks were used to puncture compound walls and insert large quantities of CS gas. CS gas grenades were used from military stores along with 2 metal CS pyrotechnic M651E1 shells. Other pyrotechnic devices and flammable rounds were also fired into the buildings despite known dangers of CS gas ignition and chemical changes to the CS in fires making it even more deadly.”

Another report claims that the CS gas was mixed with methylene chloride, a chemical dispersant.  Methylene chloride is toxic and will destroy lung tissue.  It is also used to melt and weaken Plexiglas in commercial use, allowing them to bend and shape it like the clear coverings used over salad bars.  This report also claimed that autopsies performed on the Branch Davidians indicated that they were dead prior to the fire as there was no signs of soot or smoke inhalation in their lungs.  Those results would be consistent with the Davidians dying from the CS gas prior to the fire.

Most of these claims were also made in the documentary; WACO: The Rules of Engagement.  Knowing how our government has operated illegally in the past, including the testing of LSD on unsuspecting members of the military, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they did in fact use CS gas and then purposely started the fire with the intent of hiding what they had done.  When all was said and done, the government investigators later conclude that the Davidians started the fire that killed them and exonerates themselves from any wrong doing.

Of course the US, like the Syrian government, has denied all claims of using CS gas or any other chemical weapon, except tear gas.  History shows that we cannot believe our own government and if we can’t believe them, then why should we believe them when they claim to have proof of something Syria denies?  Even if it is proven that Syria did use chemical weapons on their own people, aren’t we just as guilty as they are?  Before we launch a military strike that could ignite World War III, let me remind our leaders of what Jesus said in John 8:7:

“Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

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