USA Today Columnist Calls Hillary Clinton “Aloof, Powerful and Disconnected”

Susan Page of USA Today was a guest of Chris Wallace on this past Sunday’s episode of Fox News Sunday when she revealed a truth that might startle the unwashed masses of the liberal left. Hillary Clinton is “aloof, powerful and disconnected from people.”

Talk about preaching to the choir.

For years the one thing conservatives have known without question is the fact that Hillary Clinton is aloof, powerful and completely disconnected from the reality of the average American citizen. But it’s nice to hear that folks in the mainstream media are starting to realize the same thing. Hopefully this means that Hillary Clinton will no longer be able to hide her failures, her moral failings, her corruption, or her crimes from the watchful eye of the media and the American people.

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It’s really not fair to call this a launch. She announced her campaign formally weeks ago, and in fact, we’ve known she’s been running for months and months. So — but this is kind of phase two. I think they were concerned about having a big regal rally to start things, because one of her problems is that she seems kind of aloof and powerful and disconnected from people.



The reason this came up is because Hillary Clinton just held a rally in New York that some folks are dubbing “her campaign launch.” The problem is, she launched her campaign back in April… so this was technically just another rally where she didn’t say much and made sure she was never forced to answer any questions. Same old, same old for the Clinton campaign. But Hillary’s handlers are hoping this idea of a “launch” gets out there in the media, because they’d really like everyone to forget how moribund and lackluster the first month and a half of the Clinton campaign has been.

It’s not going to work. You know why? Today’s Hillary Clinton is the same Hillary Clinton as yesterday, and both are equally terrible candidates for President.

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