USA Today: The Real Danger is Christian Extremists

Nominee for the Bad Timing Awards: In a week in which a crazed Islamist attacked two police officers in Queens with an ax, and Canada suffered two Islamist terrorist attacks in three days, USA Today elected to run an op-ed column about the terror threat to the United States — from Christians.

Actually I should say “supposed” Christians, because the writer, Mary Zeiss Stange, who is an actual USAT Editorial Board member, is really going off about the “Christian Identity Movement,” a hobgoblin the Left conjures to make people think the KKK and Nazis are somehow conservative Christians, not the leftist fellow travelers they truly are.

She’s also incensed that Cliven Bundy — the Nevada rancher who stood up to an overbearing, overtaxing, overreaching and ultimately intolerable Bureau of Land Management confiscation of his personal property — would endorse a black political candidate in a full-page ad and challenge attorney general and (more importantly!) black man Eric Holder to a debate about racism in this country.

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You see, in Stange’s world, Cliven Bundy is a deadbeat racist Christian terrorist. Therefore, his endorsement of one black man and challenging of another, after standing up to the Administration of a black president, cannot be allowed to stand.

Therefore, somehow, this translates into Christian KKK and Nazis, because Islamists in Stange’s world are “other,” Leftspeak for black as they think conservatives see blacks. (Don’t bother trying to follow that logic; there is none there to follow.)

The sum total of the editorial at USA Today is really amusing, sort of like watching one of those classic Star Trek episodes where Kirk outthinks an alien computer that then blows itself up out of sheer frustration.

Stange’s editorial is loosely based on a report by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism that has already been laughed out of the room. It’s a report that is so confused it actually posits “Christian” groups that see themselves as descendants of the original Israeli tribes, but who hate Jews and Israel.

Note to anyone who thinks that way, be they Nazi, KKK, confused “Christian” or Stange: Real Christians love Jesus. Jesus was a Jew. People who hate Jews therefore are not really Christians.

But mostly, Stange’s main objection seems to be that Bundy, prototypical Western rancher that he is, believes that his rights come from God, not government, and how dare he?

Stange uses as proof that Bundy is a secret Klansman-slash-Commandant the fact that two psychotic neo-Nazis — Jerad and Amanda Miller — visited his ranch during the standoff, tried to show their “support” before being run off by the militia folks who had Bundy’s back, then went to Vegas, where they went on a killing spree.

See, this all somehow connects to Timothy McVeigh — yes, Stange draws that connection because “contrary to the popular opinion that radical Islam is the primary threat to homeland security, Christianity provides the other four groups with their extremist rationale.”

Stange apparently hasn’t noticed that Bundy hasn’t killed anyone or even drawn any swastikas. She apparently also hasn’t noticed that on the odd occasion that someone claiming to be Christian goes and murders someone, Christians are quick to condemn the act because that simply is not allowed in Christianity. When Islamists murder, oh say, three thousand innocent civilians, Islamists are partying in the streets. That’s because the Quran encourages that sort of thing, but acknowledging that in Stange’s view is, of course, racist.

She also ignores the patent truth that the Democrat-founded KKK and the Nazis, aka National Socialists, are the Left’s creations and natural outgrowths of their pro-abortion, race-dividing philosophies.

The real fear that seems to underlie all the cluttered misdirection in Stange’s article is that normal American Christians might stand up to her beloved socialist, unconstitutional Obama Administration.

But then that’s always the Left’s fear, that Christians might fight back. Personally, I think lying leftists like Stange have good reason to be nervous.

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