VA Now Using Your Tax Dollars to Treat Transgenders

Last year we learned that the Veterans Administration was allowing thousands of veterans to die instead of treating them. It was discovered that over 100,000 veterans waited for months before ever getting an appointment to see a doctor and get treated. When news of what was happening became known to the public, who then became outraged, VA employees were instructed by their superiors to destroy records of thousands of veterans to hide the months of delayed doctor appointments.

The scandal rocked the entire Veterans Administration resulting in the resignation of the top leaders. Barack Obama then appointed Robert A. McDonald as the new Secretary of the VA. McDonald promised that he would fully investigate and make the necessary changes to bring timely medical visits and treatment for our nation’s veterans.

Over the past year, McDonald has been working hard to fix the numerous problems with the VA. He has worked to bring waiting times within 30 days as required by VA guidelines. From what I’ve heard, he has been making a number of positive changes.

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From the latest news, McDonald is not only making positive changes in the VA, but he’s also following the instructions of our nation’s perverted leader Barack Obama. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Veterans Administration proudly announced the opening of the VA’s first transgender clinic opened up at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center. They reported:

“The clinic will handle an initial enrollment of 20 transgender veterans, ages 21 to 75, on a half-day (Thursdays) each month, and is headed Dr. Megan McNamara, who started working two years ago with this patient population.”

“McNamara, who trained as a primary care and women’s health doctor, is the clinical lead physician. She leads a team of other VA staffers including a nurse, psychologist and social worker, who will add the clinic to their usual duties at the medical center, at 10701 East Blvd.”

“‘It felt like a good fit for me, professionally, and I felt that a lot of patients could use this service,’ McNamara said.”

“According to McNamara, studies have shown that the number of transgender veterans seeking services at the VA is five times higher than transgender prevalence in the non-veteran population. About 15,000 transgender service personnel are believed to be serving on active duty.”

It’s bad enough that our tax dollars are being used to murder millions of unborn babies and support Islamic nations that want to destroy us, but now we find out that our hard earned dollars are being used to treat gender confused people. You can also bet that the treatment they receive will be pro-LGBT in nature.

The next time you look at your paystub and see the federal withholdings, just think of all the anti-moral things your dollars are going towards. America truly is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

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