Vermont Judge Needs to be Disbarred and De-Robed

In 2000, Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins moved to Vermont to take advantage of their same-sex laws to be joined in a civil union.  In 2002, Lisa gave birth to a daughter that was conceived through artificial insemination.  Lisa Miller became a Christian and denounced the lesbian lifestyle and in 2003, the couple spit up.

A judge awarded custody of the daughter to Lisa Miller, the birth mother, along with visitation rights to Janet Jenkins.  Lisa’s Christian convictions about the sinfulness of homosexuality led her to defy the court ordered visitations on numerous occasions over the next few years.

Janet took Lisa to court in 2009 over the custody issue and a liberal judge ignored Lisa’s rights as birth mother and her religious rights as a Christian and turned the custody of the daughter over Janet who was still a practicing lesbian.

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According to court records, Lisa sought the help of Kenneth Miller (no relation Lisa) who happened to be a local Mennonite pastor.  Pastor Miller had made arrangements to fly Lisa and her daughter to Ontario, Canada.  He had a Mennonite pastor in Ontario take Lisa and daughter to Toronto where they flew out to Mexico.  He also made arrangements with an American Mennonite missionary in Nicaragua by the name of Timothy Miller (no relation to either Lisa or Kenneth) to help hide the two from US authorities.

US officials somehow learned of Timothy Miller’s involvement and brought charges against him.  The charges against Timothy Miller were dropped after he informed officials of Kenneth Miller being the one that set the whole thing up.  This was the first they had heard about Kenneth’s involvement.

Kenneth Miller has now been charged with aiding at international parental kidnapping.  If convicted he could face up to 3 years in prison for his involvement.

Officials have also filed charges against Lisa Miller for international parental kidnapping, but as yet still do not know where she and her 11 year old daughter are.  One website reported them as living in Quito, Ecuador in the fall of 2010, but that has not been confirmed.

This is a shameful example of how the courts continue to strip parents and Christians of their rights while protecting and expanding the rights of homosexual activists.  The Vermont judge who ripped away Lisa’s rights ought to be disbarred and de-robed to set an example for other liberal judges that refuse to uphold the constitutional rights of birth parents and Christians.

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