Veteran Blasts NFL Players to Kingdom Come: ‘Get Off Your Knees Already’

As an American, I am rubbed the wrong way by anyone kneeling during the national anthem or standing on my country’s flag.

In my opinion, if you have so much disrespect for the greatest country on earth, then leave. We don’t want you here, and I am sure you will not find the same liberties elsewhere.

I am just a citizen of our great country. Now imagine how veterans and active duty service members feel about that?

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Over the weekend, the controversial kneeling by NFL players during the anthem continued. Now Army veteran Kathy Barnette has a message for them.

She said, “Get off your knees already.”

“There are some real issues in the black community, some very real, systemic, devastating issues,” Barnette continued, “But the one that we are seeing almost every day, about police brutality, that probably isn’t even in the top five.”

Fox News Insider reports:

Barnette said the players’ protests, which were originally intended to highlight police brutality and social injustice, are not an effective way of getting their message across.

She said more pressing issues include family instability, lack of education, high unemployment rate and low home ownership.

“For these particular NFL players, they have a significant platform. They can go into any community and immediately shine a spotlight on what the real issues are,” she added.

Barnette said the protests instead perpetuate the narrative that around every street corner there’s a white police officer waiting to shoot a black man.

She pointed out that FBI data reveals that out of approximately 7,800 African American homicides in 2016, only 233 were killed by police.

Of those 233, only 16 were unarmed, she added.

“One black person, white person, Asian person, any person shot by police unarmed for no reason is one too many. But it most definitely is not the big ‘boogey bear’ that they’re pushing it to be,” Barnette concluded.

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