Vice Admiral Mark Fox: “Absolutely Convinced” We Should Handle Iran With Diplomacy

How many suicide bomb boats does the United States Navy have? None. How many suicide bomb boats does Russia have? None. The European Union? China? None.

Why don’t they? These nations have powerful navies, and they have nuclear weapons. There is no need for desperate measures like purposefully sacrificing your own people and craft to achieve goals. The last time a European power made a wide use of suicide boats was in 1588 when England had to defend against the Great Armada. The last time a great world power was forced to use suicide tactics was Japan in the last months of World War II. Suicide tactics is the weapon of the weak. A nation that has powerful forces and nuclear weapons doesn’t use suicide tactics.

That’s why the reports of the US Navy intelligence about Iran building a fleet of suicide boats to respond to a possible American attack are an important indicator about the true strength of the Iranian regime and its military. If Iran had nuclear weapons, or if they expected to develop them within the next several months (as we’ve been hearing for the last decade from our warmongers here in the US), this investment in the “weapon of the weak” is indeed strange. For all the strength of the US Navy, ships are very vulnerable to a nuclear attack. Nothing can defend even an aircraft from it. Why are the Iranians resorting to desperate measures if they already had the power to incinerate our naval forces in the Persian Gulf?

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Vice Admiral Mark Fox, commander of the US naval forces in the Gulf, said that they are watching closely Iran’s preparations to defend themselves. No matter what Iran does, though, the US forces are incomparably more powerful than anything Iran can muster. Given the proper vigilance, the small suicide boats can not inflict too much damage. Fox said, “We are ready today. . . . Could they make like extremely difficult for us? Yes they could. If we did nothing and they were able to operate without being inhibited, yeah they could close it, but I can’t see that we would ever be in that position.”

Vice Admiral Fox also gave his opinion that war is not a solution to the problems in the region: “So when you hear discussion about all this overheated rhetoric from Iran we really believe that the best way to handle this is with diplomacy… I am absolutely convinced that is the way to go.”

Yet another military expert to say – in a very diplomatic way – that the banging of the war drums by the politicians in Washington DC is dangerous and useless. Another military expert who says that he is “absolutely convinced” that diplomacy is the way to go. Iran, obviously is a weak country. Their “overheated rhetoric” is the barking of a toothless dog. The moral way to go about it is peace and diplomacy.

If we only listen to the experts before it is too late.

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