Vice President Joe Biden Clueless on Foreign Policy Realities

This week, Vice President Joe Biden once again opened his mouth and proved to the American people that he is either completely clueless or just a pathological liar.

First, Biden praised President Barack Obama’s foreign policies and even said that the president has done more for Israel than any other president in history.  He obviously has forgotten or ignored the fact that past presidents openly sided with Israel, their 6 Day War in 1967 and their right to exist and keep the lands they have gained.

Obama on the other hand, has publicly condemned Israel and told them to give back all of the land they gained in the 6 Day War.  He also has not given Israel any reassurance that the US will stand beside them against the threat of attack and annihilation by Iran.  In the past 3 years, Obama has repeatedly sided with Israel’s Muslim enemies and has only distanced relations with Israel.

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Second on the list of Biden blunders is his attack of Mitt Romney’s lack of foreign policy experience and how that would make him such a bad president.  Once again, Biden is either extremely forgetful or just out right ignoring the fact that the only foreign policy experience Obama had before taking office was his childhood in Kenya and Indonesia along with his contacts with militant Marxists and Muslims during his youth and college years.

I ask VP Biden how much foreign policy men like Bill Clinton had before becoming president?  Many governors have little to no experience in foreign policy before winning the presidency, but that’s why they have a team of experts to advise them and help them learn.

The worse part of Biden’s lying or stupidity is the fact that the media continues to tout his praises and publicizes the man as if he can do or say nothing wrong.  Mind you this is the same media that publicly ridiculed Vice President Dan Quayle for misspelling potato, Vice President Gerald Ford for slipping and falling, and Vice President Dick Cheney for a hunting accident.  This is also the same media that failed to attack Vice President Al Gore for claiming to have invented the Internet.

I know President Obama is smarter than most people give him credit to be, and I don’t understand why he lets Biden out in public to make an idiot of himself and the Obama administration.  But, I guess we shouldn’t complain too much about Biden as he may be proving to be more of an asset to the GOP candidates than to his own Democratic Party.

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