Vice President Joe Biden Claims Republicans Will Bankrupt Middle Class AGAIN

On the campaign trail, Vice President Joe Biden told an audience,

“Look, I want to tell you what’s real bankruptcy.  The economic theories of Gingrich, Santorum and Romney.  They are bankrupt…If you give any one of these guys the keys to the White House they will bankrupt the middle class again.”

The most interesting word in his statement was the last one ‘again.’

  • Is he referring to the fact that Obamanomics has had a hugely negative impact on America’s middle class?
  • Is he referring to the millions of Americans who have filed bankruptcy and lost their homes in the past three years?
  • Is he referring to the fact that middle class America has been getting smaller while poverty class America has been swelling?
  • Is he referring to the millions of Americans that have lost their jobs because of the national economy?
  • Is he referring to the fact that the national debt has grown larger in the past three years than any ten year period in the nation’s history?
  • Is he referring to the fact that Obamacare will force millions of American’s to go un-insured, increasing their risk of financial bankruptcy in the event of any major medical issue?
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Or was Joe Biden suggesting that a Republican president will make the same grave economic mistakes that President Barack Obama has made?

Joe Biden’s statement clearly demonstrates that he and other Democrats have blinders on preventing them from seeing the mess they’ve created while projecting the same mess on a future Republican presidency. Biden seems to be projecting his own sins upon others without any grounds for doing so.  It’s just like Bill warning his friend Tom that Tom’s marriage will end because of adultery when the only grounds for the accusation is Bill’s own infidelity.

Shame on you Mr. Vice President.  You need to look at what’s happening in your own administration before accusing others of doing the same thing before they even have an administration.

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