Victory in Iowa – Webcam Abortions Banned

Face it, liberals will do almost anything to get their way and push their agenda, no matter how illegal or dangerous it may be.  Planned Parenthood is a shining example of how ethics and women’s safety take a back seat to their murderous agenda.

The number of abortion clinics across the country has been rapidly dwindling, praise the Lord!  Many of the closures have been due to stricter regulations involving the doctors and hospital privileges.  To avoid having to comply with the stricter regulations and the cost of having a doctor on staff, a number of Planned Parenthood clinics have turned to using webcam abortions.

In a webcam abortion, a pregnant woman is shown into an examination room equipped with a webcam – closed circuit communication system that connects to a doctor at his location.  The doctor conducts a video interview with the woman to determine if she is a candidate for an abortion.  If he agrees that she is a candidate, he instructs her to push a button that opens a small drawer.  In that drawer are two abortion pills.  The doctor instructs her to take one pill now and then take the other when she gets home.  The woman then pays her fees and leaves the Planned Parenthood clinic.

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There is no physical exam conducted to determine just how far along the baby is.  The doctor takes the woman’s word for everything.  This method of impersonal abortion also leaves the woman with no option except an emergency room at a local hospital if anything goes wrong.

And things have gone wrong with this method of webcam abortions.  The abortion pills used resulted in 2,207 cases of adverse reactions in 2011 according to the FDA.  The adverse reactions included hemorrhaging, blood loss to the extent that the woman needed a transfusion, infections (some of which were quite serious) and 14 deaths of the women who took the abortion pills.

Using the webcam abortion system to administer the abortion pills, Planned Parenthood is violating FDA protocols, but since they have the protection of President Obama, they don’t seem to care.  They are not concerned with the safety or health of the women as they claim.  All they are interested in is making millions of dollars killing babies and sometimes the mothers.

One of the states where Planned Parenthood has been using the webcam abortions with frequency is Iowa.  So, Alliance Defending Freedom and the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists joined their efforts and sent a letter to the Iowa Board of Medicine.  They spelled out the dangers of webcam abortions and asked the board to take action to protect the women of Iowa.

On August 30, the Iowa Board of Medicine voted to ban all webcam abortions in the state.  Michael J. Norton, Senior Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom applauded the board’s decision to protect the lives of Iowa’s women by saying:

“American tax dollars should be used responsibly and for the common good, but instead taxpayers are funding organizations like Planned Parenthood that are involved in risky chemical abortion procedures. “

“No matter where one stands on abortion, all can agree that Planned Parenthood and other abortionists should be accountable to basic health and medical standards, and that at least includes a licensed professional personally meeting with women who are considering such a serious and potentially life-altering act. We commend the Iowa Board of Medicine for caring more about the health and safety of mothers than about the profits Planned Parenthood obtains through ‘webcam’ abortions.”

I applaud Alliance Defending Freedom and the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists for taking action to protect the women in Iowa.  Now they need to do the same in every other state where Planned Parenthood is using webcam abortions, in violation of FDA protocol and put an end to them nationwide.  If you know of this procedure being used in your state, I urge to contact one or both of the organizations and urge them to take the same measures they did in Iowa to protect the women and babies in your state.  Anything that can be done to save even one precious little life from being murdered in the womb is worth doing.

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