Video: Officer Fires at Actor Filming Robbery Scene, Wasn’t Aware it was Fake

An Indiana cop opened fire at a man who appeared to be committing a robbery, complete with gun and ski mask…..only, he wasn’t actually robbing anyone.

A bank robbery scene was being filmed in Crawfordsville at the Back Step Brewing Company. When a passerby saw the man ever the building with a gun, they called and reported it to police.

Officers showed up, and well here is the video footage from the officer’s body cam:

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As you could hear, the officer told him to drop the gun several times before firing. The actor, Jeff Duff, wasn’t injured but the bullet did whiz right by his head.

Daily Mail reports:

At the time of the incident, actor Phillip Demoret told RTV6: ‘The bullet went by his head. It was very close.

‘I don’t want to think about it. If it had hit him, we’d be having a whole different conversation. Thank goodness he wasn’t.’

ISP Sgt. Kim Riley told the television station: ‘When the police said drop the gun he turns toward police pointing the gun – if you don’t know it is a movie scene how are you supposed to react.

The production company failed to let the local police department know that they would be filming. If you think about it, the officer was honestly just doing his job and reacting how he should have.

Montgomery County Prosecutor Joe Buser stated that he looked over the evidence and that charges will not be files.

Riley added, “I know if it was my situation. I probably would have done the same thing.”

Shortly after the incident, Indiana State Police determined that Montgomery County Production was filming at the location, but no one, including the bar or the production company, had notified police or businesses nearby that filming would be occurring.

In addition, the gun Duff was using during the scene was a prop.

The gun did look fairly real though.

Montgomery County Production Co-Owner Kodi Swank said, “There’s lesson to be learned on both sides of the spectrum from us as a low budget movie company and from the police department on their quick reaction,” he continued, “I’m very grateful that the police department did their job to the best of their ability with an unknown situation.”

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