Video: Shapiro Explains Why Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings

Fact: Since 1950, every public mass shooting (with the exception just 1) in the U.S. has occurred in a place where civilians are banned from carrying firearms.

Fact: Obama talked about how the Republicans in congress stopped his budget. In reality, NO Democrats in the house or Senate voted for his budgets.

Fact: There are only two genders

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Fact: Hillary Clinton is NOT the President of the United States.

Fact: The earth is about 71% water

All five of the above statements are facts, they are true. It does not matter if we believe them or not, and it does not matter if they make us happy nor sad. You see, facts don’t care about our feelings. They simply “are”.

This is the biggest problem with the Democratic party. As Ben Shapiro put it, “But here’s the biggest problem with the Left’s argument: they’re based on feelings, not facts.” They think with feelings instead of ration, and that is a very dangerous way of running things.

He states, “On the college campus today, feelings rule facts, and victims are heroes. According to the Left, all inequality in America is due to victimization. They start by claiming that all non-white people are victims of ‘white privilege.’ Then come women; they’re all victims of the ‘white patriarchy.’ Then come gays, and lesbians, and the transgendered; they’re all victims of our heteronormative and homophobic society. But what if you haven’t actually been victimized by anybody? It doesn’t matter. To the Left, as long as you feel victimized, you’re a victim, even if you’ve never actually experienced discrimination, you’ve surely been targeted by ‘microaggressions,’ nasty little words and phrases that weren’t meant to be insults but just are.”

Here is Shapiro’s full explanation:

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