Video Shows How Sharia Law Will Change America

Time and again I read and hear Muslims living in America say that they have no intention of changing our country, yet they turn around and demand changes. Many Muslims in this country are pushing for sharia law to be recognized and accepted as part of our legal system.

We’ve already seen proof of some aspects of sharia law having a direct effect on court decisions. In October of 2011, a man in Pennsylvania dressed up as a zombie Muhammad for Halloween. A Muslim man took offense and physically attacked the man. The incident was caught on video and was witnessed by a police officer. But when the case went before the local judge, all charges against the Muslim man were dropped and the judge chastised the victim, telling him that he deserved to be beaten because of how he offended Islam and their prophet. Judge Mark Martin converted to Islam after having served in the US military in Iraq, before becoming a judge.

When various states tried to pass anti-sharia laws, Obama’s Justice Department and various pro-Muslim groups immediately challenged the anti-sharia laws claiming they were religiously motivated and therefore unconstitutional. After courts upheld those challenges, state legislators went back to the drawing board and some have successfully passed new laws that block the use of all foreign laws in their states and so far these have held up in court challenges.

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What I don’t understand is why so many Muslim women here in the US also fight for the acceptance of sharia law. Under sharia or Islamic law, women basically have no rights and are often treated no better than livestock or just some disposable property. Over the past couple of years, I’ve read a number of reports of Muslim men here in the US using sharia law to justify their abuse, beatings and even murder of their wives, daughters and families.

Under sharia or Islamic law, men do not have to prove that their wives, daughters or other female relatives are actually guilty of any crime. Just suspecting a female member of the family is justifiable grounds for whatever punishment a male relative decides to impose. There is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty. Suspicion or false accusation is justifiable grounds for what are known as honor beatings or killings.

If you want to see just what sharia law could bring to America, watch the video below of a Muslim woman accused of adultery. The video cuts off just as the one man standing above her draws his gun. I’ve see the full video and the man shoots the woman in the head and leaves her bleeding body on the street.

The men involved are reported to be members of Jabhat al-Nusra, a Syrian affiliate with al-Qaeda. The man in the black robe claims that the woman was convicted in an Islamic court of adultery of which the punishment is death.

Some Muslims are condemning the video and those involved in the execution, but this is what sharia law condones. And if we continue to allow Muslims, like the judge in Pennsylvania, a few members of Congress and the occupant of the White House, have their way, this will be seen on the streets of America, not just in the streets of Syria.

Husbands will be slaughtering wives and fathers their daughters. Women suffer not only for being accused of adultery but even for just looking at another male, or wearing anything deemed inappropriate or listening to the wrong music. A Muslim girl who stops to talk to a male classmate would be subject to her father’s wrath and harsh punishment and under sharia law he would be justified to do whatever he felt appropriate.

In countries like Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive a car. In Afghanistan and Pakistan girls are not allowed to attend school or learn to read. In many Muslim countries, women are not allowed to hold jobs in public where they deal with men. They aren’t allowed to vote or walk alongside their husbands.

American women should be up in arms fighting against any form or mention of sharia and Islamic law. They’ve been fighting for their rights for over 100 years and if sharia law is allowed to take root and flourish here in America, they will lose all of those rights.

Is this the ‘Change’ that Barack Hussein Obama promised America? Is this the change that so many Americans want to embrace? I find it hard to believe it is so why are we blindly allowing Muslims to take over entire cities and establish their laws over American laws. Where is the public outcry from women’s rights groups? Where is the outcry from conservative and patriotic groups? Where is the outcry from the American people?

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