Video Shows You Just How WRONG Acosta Was About The Migrants Storming The Border

Perfect! Jim Acosta was so wrong, which is not surprising, to state the obvious. CNN could put a more intelligent and insightful person in Acosta’s role, but they lack the intelligence and insight to do so.

People with insight and the ability to reason could see that the word “invasion” was an appropriate description. Jim Acosta had the same information we did but he just couldn’t get it or maybe it just didn’t fit his narrative.


Jim Acosta was handed a figurative gun by CNN in order to shoot down what they were sure would be the Trump administration’s many inaccuracies and falsehoods, but instead, Acosta just continued to figuratively shoot his own foot, which he then would proceed to figuratively put in his literal mouth.

Remember when Acosta attempted to lecture President Donald Trump on the migrants which then lead to Acosta resisting a woman trying to take it from him forcefully after Trump told him he was done asking questions? It was the ban heard round the world when Trump had Acosta’s press pass tossed into the trash, only to be fished out by court order.

Well, that moment will now live in infamy…for Acosta.

Thanks to Benny Johnson over at the Daily Caller, we can now see just how wrong Acosta was about everything he said from his moral high horse on the migrant caravan when trying to make Trump seem like a horrid racist. More

Does Jim Acosta know the meaning of the word invasion? Never in history has a group seeking asylum carried the flag of the country they are trying to escape from. This is orchestrated! That means an INVASION, nothing else! 

We have no idea who these people are. The migrant caravan is sure to have ISIS fighters, MS-13 gang members and people with exotic diseases, not to mention the financial strain they will cause as they leech off our welfare system.

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