“One Thing a Violent Rapist Deserves is a Good Woman With a Gun”

“The one thing a violent rapist deserves is a good woman with a gun” – NRA head Wayne LaPierre

Those were the words that brought a crowd of women to their feet at the 40th Annual Conservative Political Action Conference held in National Harbor Maryland yesterday.

Those words were spoken by NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre, who took the opportunity to point out the ridiculous comments made by Vice President Joe Biden. LaPierre, referring to Biden, said:

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“The Vice President of the United States actually told women facing an attack to empty their shotguns into the air? Have they lost their minds over at the White House? You keep your advice, we’ll keep our guns.”

Part of the efforts this conference was to try was to narrow the gender gap between men and women on the issue of gun control. Recent polls have shown that women favor bans on semi-automatic guns over men by a margin of over 20 points. Women also have a 15 point margin favoring bans on high-capacity magazines.

Natalie Foster, is the founder of Girls Guide to Guns. According to their website:

“Girl’s Guide to Guns is a website dedicated to women who dig fire power. Whether you’re a champion shooter, or have never picked up a gun in your life, we’ve got something for you. You might notice that we’re a little different from other gun sites and we strive to offer you a wide variety of firearm info that pertains specifically to women.”

At the conference Foster said that the NRA needs women now more than ever to join the efforts to protect and preserve the Second Amendment:

“Women help shape the discussions, which is really wonderful.  It is our time to get out there and drive the conversations. We are the moms out there, we are the single ladies, the small business owners, the women who are living alone, and we need to protect ourselves.”

“There are a lot of women out there still who are still intimidated, still a little scared.  Women can be helped by the NRA.”

“Guns are about protection, but they are also about fun. I enjoy going shooting with my girlfriends.”

When LaPierre spoke at the conference a number of the women attendees were listening intently and applauded his words. One of those attendees was Lydia Bronstein, a law school student from Case Western Reserve University. Bronstein said she was brought up around guns. Her father taught her to shoot and on her own accord she has taken a number of firearm safety courses. She commented about what she heard from LaPierre saying:

“Hearing Wayne LaPierre talk today, it just energized me and made me want to join.”

Teresa Niedzwiecki, a student at St. Mary’s College in Minnesota was also in attendance at the conference. As she was standing in line at the NRA booth to shoot a laser gun she commented:

“I live in the country. My family has always had guns. When I am 21, I hope to get a concealed carry and I want to get a pistol. Women should be able to have them for protection reasons.”

Hopefully more women around the country will get involved with the NRA or other organizations that are trying to preserve and protect our Second Amendment rights to bear, own and carry firearms. The Second Amendment does not specify bearing arms for self-protection, hunting, or target shooting. It just specifies that we have the right to own them and use them regardless of the reason.

If you have the opportunity to help a woman you know, whether family or friend, learn how to shoot and handle a firearm, please do so. Chances are that woman may have to rely on what you taught her to save herself or her family from harm, and you never know, they may just find that they enjoy target shooting and hunting. But above all else teach them the Second Amendment and what it says and what those rates mean for the future of America.

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