Viral Video: ‘It’s Open Season on Killing Whites’

A self-described black supremacist has posted a YouTube video in which he spells out the agenda of the radical Black Lives Matter movement.

“It’s open season on killing whites and police,” said King Noble, whose members-only website is one long race-hatred screed.

Comparing white people to buffaloes and black people to lions who kill them one by one (not too sure where he thinks lions hunt buffaloes), Noble said, “We live in a time where the white man will be picked off, and it’s nothing he can do about it. His day is up. His time is up.”

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Apparently what got Noble all worked up is the killing of a white deputy by a black suspect in Houston.

Deputy Darren H. Goforth was shot in the back while he was fueling his patrol car. Shannon Miles has been arrested on suspicion of being the shooter.

The shooting was essentially an unprovoked execution by all accounts. Officials are saying that the motive is unclear but Goforth and Miles didn’t know each other, and Goforth appears to have been shot simply because he wore a uniform.

A lot of people have suggested that it was a racially motivated killing, and that seems highly likely.

However, only a select few like Noble find it reason to celebrate.

kingNobleTake a good look at Noble when you watch his video. Look past the horrible hair-do. He’s not an unpleasant-looking fellow. Ignore the words and listen to how he speaks. He’s reasonably clear and articulate.

You can’t help but wonder why he isn’t doing something productive with his life.

Now listen to his words. While they are spoken in calm, almost soothing tones, they contain some of the most vile expressions of deep-seated hatred and ignorance you could ever hear.

In other words, this seems to be a person whose natural gifts should have presented him with many opportunities to be someone. Instead, whatever happened in his life, he has chosen to become a low-life advocate for racial hatred and murder.

His is one of the many faces of evil.

And there seem to be many King Nobles out there. Don’t make the mistake of thinking all blacks are like him. They aren’t. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that everyone who’s like him is black. They aren’t.

What unites all the racist leftists, from Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers to the KKK and Nazis, is a malignant spirit. Bible-believing Christians understand this spirit originates in a being and infects the human race like a bacteria.

Noble’s video has gone viral. He and those like him would love nothing better than to see their sickness do the same.


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