Vladimir Lenin: ‘Destroy the Family, You Destroy the Country’

Marriage and family were the very first covenant relationships established by God with man.  The first wedding took place in the Garden of Eden and started with Adam and culminated when God formed Eve from Adam’s rib and then joined the two and gave them instructions for their roles in marriage.

From the beginning of man’s existence, the family unit has been the most stable and important structure of all time.  It not only serves for procreation, but the very structure of the family actually helps to hold nations together.  It is the foundation for many of our morals and character.  It defines men, women, boys and girls and teaches them values and lessons that will shape the rest of their lives.

A number of socialists and communists have often said that to destroy a nation, first destroy the family.

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Over the past 60 years, the family structure in America has been attacked and eroded.  The number of fatherless homes is epidemic.  The number of homes with un-wed couples is growing at an alarming rate, even within Christian circles.

The biblical role of the father as being the spiritual head of the house has been effectively destroyed by the constant belittling and ridicule seen on prime time TV.  Father knows best has been replaced by mother and daughter know best and dad’s an idiot.

Now, the courts are re-defining the very terms of ‘marriage’ and ‘parents’.

In California, the courts are now turning away from the traditional definition of parent as one of biological or adoption origin to something completely perverted.  Case in point is the ruling passed down by the Third District Court of Appeal that gave custody of one woman’s biological children to her ex-lesbian lover.

The ex-lesbian lover is a colonel in the US Air Force Reserve.  Before ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ was repealed, she did not file any action to legally adopt her girlfriend’s children, for fear it would end her military career.  The couple has since separated and now that she doesn’t have to hide her perverse and sinful lifestyle anymore, the colonel filed for custody of her ex-lover’s biological children and the court granted her request saying that she acted more like a parent than the real mother, even though she had initially put her military career before the children.

The court basically changed the definition of ‘parent’ to ‘de facto parent’ in their ruling.

In North Carolina, a lawsuit has been filed against the requirement of having to file for a state license in order to get married.  The people behind the lawsuit claim that such a requirement violates the US Constitution and the supposed separation of church and state.

Founder of Liberty Counsel, Mat Staver warns that the lawsuit could lead to a multitude of sinful lifestyles,

“… This doesn’t just stop at heterosexual marriage or same-sex ‘marriage,’ but it also will extend to bigamy and incestuous marriage and all kinds of situations.

If the government doesn’t have any interest in [marriage], then polygamy is permissible, polyamory is permissible.  We would have group marriages. Incestuous marriages are permissible. Marriages with … children as young as 8 or 7 or however low you want to go on the list — all of that becomes a free-for-all. That’s exactly what this is designed to do.”

If this North Carolina lawsuit is granted any credence, it will lead to the complete annihilation of the definition of marriage as we know it.  The court rulings in California are already re-defining the role of the parent.

To see the long range impact these ruling will have on our nation, all you have to do is recall the words of Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin when he said,

“Destroy the family, you destroy the country.”

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