Vote for the Candidate Both Sides Fear

Yes, Cruz is the real deal. No need to take my word for it. Just look and listen. It’s as Limbaugh says: the left and the establishment right will always tell you who they fear the most.

Sure, they hate both Trump and Cruz. The hatred for Trump is understandable, from their standpoint. He makes Republicans look bad. He’s intolerant and generally causes them embarrassment.

But the antipathy for Cruz is born of fear. They fear the end of the government gravy train if he gets elected. They fear that with Cruz at the helm, Americans may just discover they don’t actually need Washington involved in every facet of their lives. They fear an uncompromising constitutional standard bearer as head of the party.

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So their strategy is to send out trusted surrogates to trash the candidate and place the seed of doubt in voters’ minds (and big-money backers) that a Cruz nomination will surely equal a Hillary win.

Case in point: Moderate Republican shill and former George W. Bush communications director Nicolle Wallace said in an interview regarding Ted Cruz: “He is truly despised [by Republicans] – he is not a team player” and is apparently the king of “hubris and egomania.” She, like almost all other establishment hacks, pundits, and politicians are just plain befuddled, as Wallace, with an uncomfortable laugh, tells the interviewer that Cruz is “at the top of the polls in Iowa, so I think voters are saying they just don’t care.”

The key here is not so much that Cruz is despised or is tops in hubris and egomania. No, it’s that “he is not a team player.” I’m reminded of the film Johnny Dangerously. A gangster boss known as Johnny Dangerously is actually Johnny Kelly. His younger brother Tommy Kelly has no idea he is the notorious mob boss Dangerously. Tommy is appointed assistant District Attorney and vows to bring down the infamous gangster. The D.A., who’s on the mob’s take, invites Tommy to his palatial estate, which is all courtesy of gangster payoffs. He tells Tommy, he too could have what the D.A. has, as he proclaims, “It’s all yours Tommy, if you play ball! What do you say?” To which Tommy replies, “I’ll see you in prison!”

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With this unfortunate confirmation of the assistant D.A.’s lack of cooperation, the mob, unknown to Dangerously, attempts to “take out” his younger brother Tommy.

Ted Cruz is Tommy Kelly. He must be taken out.

Wallace explains that, “these are good Republicans who worked in the Bush administration and who clerked in the Supreme Court who say they would have a really hard time voting for Ted Cruz if he were the Republican standard bearer.”

What can you say to an exclamation such as that, but WOW! I’ve been holding my nose and pulling the lever for progressive establishment Republicans since 1988, and these people have the nerve to cry over one conservative candidate?  Look at who we’ve been conned and bullied into supporting — all for the good of the precious party — George H.W. Bush, the kinder/gentler progressive. Bob Dole’s nomination was equivalent to a lifetime achievement award. And of course the other two loser establishment picks: McCain and Romney.

And we’re not allowed one candidate? This inner circle of power and control is very exclusive and conservatives are not allowed a seat at the table, but they want our votes to pay for the table and chairs and fund their party and hire us as the wait staff.

What have we conservatives been saying all along? If someone like Cruz or Trump gets the nomination, the establishment would much prefer a Hillary presidency and this is the exact veiled threat the establishment kingmakers sent Wallace out to disseminate.

They are scared to death of Ted Cruz. It is a delight to see and I personally count it as a gift to finally be able to back someone I believe in — not someone we have to settle on, or like Romney, try to convince ourselves that he will be okay. We finally have someone for whom we don’t have to constantly wonder, “Is he for real this time?”

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