VOTE FRAUD ALERT: Minnesota Woman Sent Broward County, Florida, Election Ballot in Mail

One of the many ways that Democrats commit voter fraud is to flood the zone, so to speak, with improperly mailed absentee ballots. The proof of this was recently seen in Minnesota where a former Florida resident was sent an absentee ballot in the mail to her new address in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

The woman had moved away from Florida five years ago, but suddenly received a mail-in ballot this year for no discernible reason.

An alert of this attempt at vote fraud was posted by a woman named Elisa Sarmento, a woman living in Minnesota.

She used to live in Broward County, Florida, but says she moved away from there five years ago. And yet, all of a sudden she got this ballot in the mail despite never having requested one.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is not sitting down and taking this sort of vote fraud, though. Even as crooked Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes breaks law after law by “finding” thousands of votes that did not exist two days ago but are “suddenly” come to light.

Scott has filed a lawsuit demanding that the county supervisor respond to questions from state authorities on where these “votes” came from and why they were not submitted on time as election law states.

Scott, who was said to have won election as the state’s next U.S. Senator, is suddenly faced with a reversal of his win now that all these ballots have been “found” in the heavily left-wing district of Broward County.

The big question is this: Just how many of these fraudulent ballots were sent out this year, why were they sent out, and how many were returned with illegal votes in them?

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