Voters Believe Released Gitmo Terrorists will Attack US Again

When our first Muslim leader took office in January 2009, he vowed to released his friends from Guantanamo Naval Base aka Gitmo and close the prison. At that time, polls indicated that 44% of voters agreed with Obama’s plans.

Since then, Islamic terrorists have escalated their attacks on Americans and America and public opinion on the release of Muslim terrorists held at Gitmo has turned against Obama. In April 2013, the same poll showed that only 23% of voters favored releasing those held at Gitmo and closing the prison.

Rasmussen Reports, who took the earlier polls, again placed the question to likely voters, asking them the following questions:

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1*  How closely have you followed recent news reports about suspected terrorists being released from the U.S. prison camp at the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba?

2* Is the United States safer today because of the imprisonment of suspected terrorists at the Guantanamo prison camp?

3* Should the Guantanamo prison camp be closed?

4* The Obama administration has been releasing suspected terrorists held at the Guantanamo prison camp to their home countries. How concerned are you that dangerous terrorists will be set free?

5* How likely is it that many of the prisoners released from the Guantanamo prison camp will return to terrorist activities against the United States and its allies?

1.  The results of this question really surprised me as I’ve seen so many reports and videos that show just how uninformed many Americans are, but 71% of the voters polled said they have been following the news on the release of Gitmo prisoners.

2.  When asked if the US is safer today with the imprisoned terrorists at Gitmo, surprisingly only 42% agreed while 31% disagreed.

3.  Only 29% of voters believe that Gitmo should be closed. 53% believe the prison should remain open.

4.  When asked how concerned they were about the release of dangerous terrorists, 69% said they were concerned with 44% saying they are very concerned. Only 27% said they were not concerned.

5.  75% of voters polled said they believe that terrorists released from Gitmo by Obama will return to their terrorist activities against the United States and our allies. 48% said that it is very likely that the released terrorists will return to attacking us and our allies. Only 15% said it is unlikely the released terrorists will continue their terrorist ways.

Personally, I’m against any of the releases, especially those that Obama traded for an Army deserter. But it doesn’t surprise me that Obama would want to release the prisoners at Gitmo.

To start with, he has forbidden anyone in his administration from using the term Islamic or Muslim terrorists. He refers to the attacks as violence or terrorism, but refuses to call them Muslim terrorists or Islamic terrorists. If he denies that they are religious terrorists from his own religion, then he has no reason to hold them in prison any longer. He seems to have no problem accepting their word that they won’t do it again before sending them back to pick up where they left off when captured.

This is one of many reasons that Barack Hussein Obama should be charged, tried and convicted of treason against the United States and the American people. Obama belongs in one of the cells in Gitmo until the day he dies. He has no right to ever set foot on American soil or breathe American air ever again.

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