Voting With Her Lady Parts All Her Life

During the Obama v. Romney campaign, the most horrible thing that Team Obama could say about Romney was that he would return us to the 1950s. Since Romney wasn’t running to bring back segregation or approve “separate by equal” rationalizations in the South, what could such threats really mean? What did Romney plan to do that would take us back to the 1950s?

And why wouldn’t we want to live there?

One thing is for sure, virtually no one of any race lived this way in the 1950s.

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It would be easy to moralize about this woman’s behavior. In some cases, that might be helpful. But I want to take a step back from her personally and consider her as a social phenomenon. Some will object from the outset that this woman is “extreme,” but what is the average then? Seven children and two fathers? It is simply beyond question that we are subsidizing ludicrous behavior in the United States.

Which brings up the question, how often in human history have women given themselves up to multiple partners, had children by several, and demanded public care as a human right? In my opinion, human nature is the same everywhere. It doesn’t get intrinsically worse or better. So what allowed this woman to adopt this kind of lifestyle with these sorts of moral demands on others?

I’ve watched a number of “liberal propaganda” movies about African Americans in the South in the fifties and early sixties.  I have no idea how accurate they are in what they portrayed. But I do know I saw African Americans who demanded their rights and equal treatment under the law. I never saw a woman having umpteen babies by different men and demanding money and other goods. Nor do I remember the heroes of such flicks having so little control over their tempers that they couldn’t figure how to “fight smart” against the system.

This form of behavior didn’t “just happen.” It was taught. The President spent the last few months campaigning for people to feel better about living this way. Money is spent every year to encourage this attitude. This video shows us the end result—a person who does not know how to face reality and who has ruined her life with her own bad choices.

This video is also a one-stop-shop lesson for how the Welfare State leads to Totalitarianism. Having been encouraged and trained to live as a “wife” to the state, the State becomes an authoritarian husband in control of her life. And it explains why the Planned Parenthood is so important to Liberals. Once the capacity of poor people to improve their own lives with their own cultural and personal resources has been broken by free money for profligate, perpetually unmarried women, the next step is to swoop in with tax-payer funded abortion. Will they be voluntary? Looking at how little control this woman is permitted over her life, it is not hard to see how coerced abortions could be justified.

Liberalism is trashing America, starting with the most vulnerable. Someday the people who pride themselves in “caring for the poor” with other people’s money, will be recognized as the destroyers that they are.

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