VP Pence: 2017 Best Year for Conservatives in ‘More than a Generation’

Vice President Pence said something on Monday, that i’ve been telling folks for months now.

In terms of policy, 2017 was the best year America has seen since the Reagan era. In his first year in office President Trump was far more conservative and far more successful than his Republican predecessors, George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush. The nation was obviously better off than in any year under Obama, and while our economy may not be booming the way it did during Clinton’s second term, crime is way down, violent crime is way down, and most other statistical measures are up.

2017 was a very good year for the American people, even if the media couldn’t be troubled to notice it.

On Monday afternoon, Vice President Mike Pence made a very similar argument on Dana Loesch’s radio show:

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DANA LOESCH: Well, I’m a huge fan of Indiana, I tell you what, and I’m a huge fan also of just a lot of the stuff that has been going on the first year of this administration. We’ve gotten a lot of stuff. I mean the administration has gotten a lot of stuff done. We have a historic tax reform, a repeal of the individual mandate. We’re also seeing regulations just sliced and diced. That’s a lot that has happened. What are you hoping to accomplish as we move into this new year?

PENCE: Well, that’s what the President gathered leaders of Congress at Camp David this weekend to discuss, Dana. Because for all the progress that we’ve made — some nearly 2 million new jobs, an economy that’s already growing by more than 3 percent, after spending the last eight years growing at less than 2 percent — this President looks at 2017 for all we accomplished as a good start.

But you’re absolutely right to say it was an extraordinary year. I think from the conservative perspective, we accomplished more thanks to President Trump’s leadership than has been accomplished in more than a generation. This President has rolled back more federal red tape than any President in American history, the appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court of the United States, more court of appeals judges appointed in a single year than any time since the circuit courts were created. We’ve begun to rebuild our military after years of reckless cutbacks. And as you said, at the end of the year, we saw President Trump and supporters in the Congress move forward historic tax cuts, repeal the Obamacare mandate, and opened up the Alaska National Wildlife Region to exploration after more than 40 years of trying. It was a year that was a testament to strong leadership from the President of the United States, and I’m looking forward to 2018 after the discussions we had this weekend. The best is yet to come. We believe that America is roaring back because of the policies and the leadership of President Trump and our great supporters in the Congress.

LOESCH: That’s encouraging to hear. And in hearing all of this, I’m somewhat bewildered when I look at some of the headlines and hear about this — discussions of a “blue wave,” which, of course, just could be super hopeful, progressive-leaning journalists that are hoping for a “blue wave” coming up in 2018 and 2020. Because these were all of the things that were promised during the campaign and now they’re coming to fruition, are you concerned about midterms at all?

PENCE: Well, I think historically, Dana, you have to acknowledge that the first midterm election for the party in power in the White House is always challenging.

But look, we’ve got a tremendous story to tell. You look all across this country. Look at the jobs numbers that were just released last week — manufacturing is roaring back. I always used to say when I was governor of the state of Indiana that in the heartland, we do two things well: We make things and we grow things.

Today, the President will be at — he’ll be at the Farm Bureau Convention in Nashville. He’ll be talking about rural America roaring back. Manufacturing is coming back. And it’s all because this is a President who brought a practical business experience to the Oval Office, and he’s been putting into practice the kind of policies that have freed up an American economy that’s been stifled under the weight of excessive taxes, excessive regulations, a heavy hand of government. And whether it be policies in all of our agencies, or whether it be a rollback of federal red tape, working with the Congress, or the tax cuts, this is a President who is getting Washington out of the way.

And I really do believe that we’re going to continue to see this economy roar, and we’re going to have a great, great story to tell the American people in 2018 and 2020.

LOESCH: I’ve always told people that you cannot lie to them about what’s in their bank accounts and what’s written on their checks. (Laughter.) And people are going to be seeing that very shortly.

We were told, Vice President, that the passage of Net Neutrality, or that the repeal of these regulations, or the passage of tax reform, there were actual journalists who were suggesting that this was going to result in the death of thousands of Americans; we haven’t yet seen that happen. What do you make of legacy media? It seems that the hysteria is at an all-time high. Do you think that the legacy press is off the rails? 

PENCE: Well, I think the reality is that great, strong voices, like yours, all across America — conservative commentators on the airwaves of radio and television have, while outnumbered, served to create a tremendous counterweight. I mean it is amazing to me — sometimes I turn on the television in the morning with a stick because I just never know quite what’s going to be there. (Laughter.)

And I actually said to a friend the other day — I said, you look at a growing economy; you look at American credibility restored on the world stage; you look at our allies in Europe stepping up and investing in our common defense in NATO as never before; you see China bringing unprecedented pressure to bear on North Korea; you see Iran on notice; and all new alignments developing across the wider Middle East and the Arab world; and here at home you see a reviving American economy — and I said to a friend the other day that many in the liberal, national media remind me of what Groucho Marx used to say, which was, he used to say, “Who you going to believe me or your own eyes?”

LOESCH: Right.

PENCE: The American people can see what is happening — that under President Trump’s leadership, you’re seeing American strength come back at home and abroad, and that’s exactly what the American people voted for when they choose a man who said, we’re going to Make America Great Again.

You can hear their whole interview below:

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