Waitress Wants People to Stop Tipping to Help Pay for Public Schools

Have you heard the one about the waitress who didn’t want a tip? You’ll never believe the punchline — or maybe you will.

Chloe Hough, a waitress at Boss Hawgs Barbecue in Topeka, Kansas, was working her last shift at the BBQ establishment when she eyed Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback at one of her assigned tables.

When she saw the governor she put an alert out to her Facebook posse writing, “You guys, 911 emergency. It’s my last shift and I am waiting on our governor. What should I say to him? This is not a test. Go.”

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She said: “I just knew I had to say something, or I would regret it. It was my last shift at the restaurant, as I had quit, so it worked out nicely.”

So what did say? Well, nothing, but on Sam Brownback’s credit card receipt she drew an X over the “tip” line and hand wrote “tip the schools.”

Money taken from people who fund government schools is not voluntary like tips. If the parents who are sending their children to Kansas government schools are concerned about reduced funding, maybe they should stop tipping in restaurants and sending what they would have tipped to their local schools.

She did so because she believes education is the foundation of a progressive country. She also snapped a picture of the receipt which has gone viral.

Well, I can only say WOW, that sure was courageous and well informed, and so typical of the left in Kansas who have been whining about Brownback cutting taxes (oh the horror) and cutting funding for of all things, schools (1.5 percent to public school funding statewide) — which we now know are the “foundation of a progressive country.”

With that said, let’s take a peek at just how destitute Kansas schools are. The last reporting period for Kansas public school spending was 2013-2014. According to the Kansas Department of Education (KSDE), spending for the 2013-2014 school year was $12,959 per pupil.

That seems like a tidy sum. Not the $20,000 per student (or more) of liberal states, but all things are relative given the cost of living, etc. In fact, 2014 was a record spending year for Kansas education. Never before in the 154-year history of the state has more been spent per student. The cost of a public school education has ballooned from $9700 in 2005 to $12,959 in 2014.

tip the schools

That’s north of a 33% increase in a mere 9 years. Not Obama type numbers, but pretty impressive.

Yet the bubble-headed waitress couldn’t possibly know this, for if she did, she would more than likely not whine about it, being that the $13,000 is probably more than she makes waitressing.

As a matter of fact, at almost $13,000 per student, that’s more money allotted to each Kansas student than 30% of all people in America make each year.

If she cared to look at the facts about the education system in America instead of sloganeering, she might notice that it is the quintessential example of the failure of progressivism — that more money doesn’t result in success, and one can argue that it is counterproductive.

It seems the more money we throw at education, the worse the results.

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