Walesa Blasts Obama’s Failure to Reclaim America’s Leadership

It was a huge mistake ever to elect Barack Obama president of the United States.

Many of us knew that all along. Some have had to be dragged through five years’ worth of mud from the Obama Administration to figure it out.

But despite the dogged support of Obama’s zombie corps of unquestioning followers, most of the world sees Obama very clearly for what he is: a failure.

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Lech Walesa, the famous Communist-fighting former president of Poland, told CNN in an interview aired on New Year’s Day that whatever hope Obama inspired around the world with his first election, he failed to restore America’s leadership role.

“In terms of politics and morality, America no longer leads the world,” Walesa said.

The power vacuum left by America’s diminished leadership has left the world in a potentially dangerous situation, Walesa said.

“America did not regain its leadership status,” he said. “We’re just lucky that there were no bigger conflicts in the world, because if it had bigger conflicts, then the world would be helpless. … It’s a dangerous situation, so we are awaiting a president who will understand that.”

Much of America’s disgrace globally can be traced to Obama’s schizophrenic and naive policies in the Middle East. From supporting the “Arab Spring” that installed Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and other extremists in formerly stable Muslim nations, to aiding Syrian “rebels” linked to al-Qaida and accused of a long list of atrocities including cannibalism, to engaging in secret negotiations with Iran that left Saudi Arabia and Israel out of the loop, there is little to nothing in the Obama portfolio that indicates an overarching plan or even a rational long-term strategy.

Several diplomatic flops early in Obama’s career — a gift of DVDs that don’t work on British machines for the prime minister; a big red button that was supposed to say “reset” but actually said “overload” for the Russian ambassador — have now gone down in history not as faux pas, but as precursors of things to come.

President Obama, with an occasional assist from his secretaries of state, has singlehandedly managed to irritate, insult and estrange nearly every ally we’ve had with his boorish behavior and low personality.

His naive, and some would say immature, view of global politics now seems to be perfectly summed up by the recent photos of him flirting with the Danish prime minister as first lady Michelle glared, during Nelson Mandela’s funeral, an international event of some solemnity.

Obama’s impotence was made plain to the world this past year when he attempted and utterly failed to lead a war against Syria on the thin pretext of a poison gas attack (for which much evidence exists that it was carried out by U.S.-sponsored Syrian rebels).

His special rival on the international field is Russian President Vladimir Putin, who effectively castrated Obama in front of the world by getting Syria to agree to hand over its WMDs.

Since then, Obama has been incapable of anything more noteworthy than figuratively throwing rocks over the fence, with moves like avoiding the Russian Olympic Games and deliberately naming homosexual delegates as a challenge to Russia’s laws against gay marriage.

It’s easy to see why Walesa is disappointed in this Administration. Walesa became a hero in the 1980s, when he got to work with a different American president, one who is remembered for telling the Russians, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

Obama has sometimes compared himself to President Reagan, but truthfully there is no comparison, and thanks to Obama’s bumbling, the entire world knows it.

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