Walmart Refused to Print Engagement Photo of Couple with Hunting Shotgun

Stephanie Wehner and Mitch Strobl were engaged and planning their wedding. The Dallas couple decided to select 13 special photos taken of them while they were engaged to have enlargements made, framed and put on display at their wedding reception.

Wehner, who works at the local WFAA-TV station, took her special photos to a Dallas Walmart to have enlarged. She described the photos, saying:

“It depicts our love for each other, and I wanted to be able to display those at the reception.”

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Expecting her photos to be ready, Wehner returned to the store to pick them up only to receive a slip from the clerk reading ‘MINUS ONE 5×7. NO WEAPONS.’ The photo was of the couple with Strobl holding a shotgun, broke open over his shoulder. The clerk told Wehner that it was store policy and that she could not release the photo of the couple with the gun because it would promote a ‘gang culture.’

That was the explanation that caught Wehner off guard. When Strobl found out what the clerk had said, he commented:

“To automatically be lumped into that category of a gang… that hits a little close to home for us, because that isn’t our intent at all.”

“I did that in this picture; I made sure the action was open… that is was a safe photograph.”

It seemed only natural to the couple to use the photo of them with what he refers to as his ‘go to gun’ since Strobl writes and produces manuals for hunter safety and outdoor recreation.

When the news agency that Wehner works for contacted Walmart about the incident, a spokesperson for them responded:

“We had a new associate who was misinformed. Her actions are not consistent with our policy.”

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My first reaction when I read about this was that every Walmart store I’ve been in sells guns, ammunition, hunting and target supplies along with hunting and fishing licenses, so why would it be against any policy to not print a photo with a gun. Secondly, I wondered why would an obvious hunting photo have anything to do with gangs.

Walmart has since said that they have retrained the employees in that store on what is and isn’t company policy. It sounds like the clerk must have been a gun-hating liberal who decided on her own to block the couple from getting their enlargement. I hope Walmart reprimanded the clerk for asserting her personal agenda on their customers.

In the meantime, Wehner and Strobl took the needed photo to another place to have the enlargement made in time for their reception. I would hope that the Walmart store offered to pay for them to have the photo done elsewhere as a way of apologizing to the couple.

More and more liberals work everywhere and anywhere and you never know when you may have an encounter with one who will do their best to violate your constitutional rights. That’s why it’s important to know what your rights are and be ready to stand your ground to protect those rights and hopefully you’ll have the gumption to make your stand.

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