Walmart Shelves Stripped in Food Stamp Frenzy

A temporary glitch in the EBT food stamp system nationwide over the weekend led to a rush on Walmarts in Springhill and Mansfield, Louisiana, that left grocery shelves bare.

The computer glitch affected EBT cards in more than a dozen states nationwide, and prevented store cash register systems from showing the available balance on cards.

The chaos began Saturday evening when store personnel contacted corporate Walmart and were told to go ahead and let customers make EBT purchases even without the limits available.

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Apparently, word spread quickly among customers, resulting in a two-hour riot during which people loaded their shopping carts to the brim.

The stores were packed with people and the shelves stripped bare by the time police were called.

Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd said, “It was worse than any Black Friday.”

At around 9 p.m., the EBT system came back online. When an announcement was made over store loudspeakers, customers just left their shopping carts in the aisles and walked out.

One woman reportedly was detained when she tried to buy over $700 worth of groceries after the system came online and it was found she only had 49 cents on her card.

Walmart agreed not to press charges if she left the food at the store.

Times are tough in this current economy. Despite what the government’s tried to sell the American public, there has been no significant recovery, and most parts of the country have just kept spiraling deeper and deeper down the hole since Obama took office.

This weekend’s food riots are indicative of where this Administration has brought this country by growing a culture of dependency and easy fraud.

There’s an old saying that comes from Hermetic philosophy, which concerned itself with the transformation of one thing into another: “As above, so below.”

The Hermetic philosophers were talking about Heaven and Earth, but the maxim seems equally applicable in the realm of politics. The upper crust, the power in charge, is corrupt, and that sets the example for the lower classes, for the poor.

Some people find themselves in a bad situation and they work to improve it. Other people expect the government to give them freebies.

When the limits were off the EBT cards, that was a whole new level of freebie, apparently, and lots of people rushed to take advantage, even though it’s a sure bet that most of them knew they were exceeding their benefits.

The current regime won’t be happy until we’ve all been reduced to a pack of snarling dogs scrambling for the scraps we’re thrown.

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