50 Nobel Prize winners have spoken. It’s the end of the world as we know it, but they don’t feel fine.

In a survey, the brainiacs revealed fears that nuclear war, environmental disaster, and even Facebook pose a risk to the future of our species.

War is always on the list. But it took second place to population growth (even though there’s a birth dearth in much of the world) and environmental degradation. They were said to represent “the gravest apocalyptic risk.”

When you dig down through the list, you will find that at the bottom it’s all about money.

“The ultimate insurance policy is to make humanity a multiplanet species,” one laureate said. “And science obviously has a big role to play in that.”

A “big role” means “big bucks.”

Interest in apocalyptic themes is usually reserved for religious prophecy writers who have made a fortune from end-time books. The multi-volume Left Behind series brought in tens of millions of dollars to its authors.

The Left has learned its lesson from these end-time scare books. Create future crisis scenarios and petition the government for money to fix them. It made Al Gore a multimillionaire.

Prophetic date-setting has a long history going back centuries. While there are new threats on the list (e.g., Facebook and Donald Trump), for the most part it’s the usual suspects, with wars and rumors of wars being the scariest, especially with a nut ball who thinks he’s a god leading the oppressive regime of North Korea and threatening the world with nukes.

All this talk about the end of the world is to get people to put their faith in government to save them.

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