Was Fast and Furious About Guns and Drugs or Gun Control?

Ever since Operation Fast and Furious was exposed as a failed government program, most Americans believe it was designed around the Mexican drug cartel.  Supposedly, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives allowed guns to walk across the US-Mexico border so they could follow them to the key leaders of the drug cartels.

Once the gunwalking mission turned into a failed scandal, some of those involved decided to change the goal of the mission and turn it into another form of government gun control.

Last December, CBS News was able to obtain email correspondence between ATF Field Operations Assistant Director Mark Chait and Agent Bill Newell who was part of Fast and Furious.  The conversation centered around using the botched gun operation to promote a new federal gun control policy known as Demand Letter 3.  This new policy requires all gun dealers in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to report any purchases of multiple rifles or long guns.  They were successful in getting Demand Letter 3 approved and as it stands now, just the four border states are being forced to comply with it.

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A number of members of the House of Representatives believe that Demand Letter 3 is unconstitutional and violates the Second Amendment.  So when they went over the Department of Justice appropriations bill, they included a rider that would block Demand Letter 3 policy from being enforced.  The bill was passed by the House and will now be sent to the Senate, where who knows what will happen.

One thing we do know for sure about the DOJ appropriations bill and the rider attached to it is that President Obama has stated that if the rider is still part of the bill when it reaches his desk that he will veto the bill.  This is no surprise since both Barack Obama and Eric Holder are very anti-gun and would like nothing better than to take all guns out of the hands of US citizens.  Attorney General Eric Holder is so anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment that he has stated in the past that they need to find a way to brainwash Americans into hating guns and the desire to own one.

What started out to be a program to fight the Mexican drug cartels and which seriously failed at that goal, has been turned into a successful gun control program.  The feds screwed it and then used their mistake to point the finger at US citizens and put more controls on us instead of themselves.

I think the rider that the House should have attached to the DOJ appropriations bill should have said that the only way the Department of Justice gets any money would be to get rid of Eric Holder and his enclave.  Then replace them with men and women who place the US Constitution over Barack Obama and will defend the Constitution and the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

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