‘Was Our National Security for Sale?’ Judge Asks About Hillary Clinton

Jeanine Pirro started her legal career in 1978 as an assistant district attorney in Westchester County, New York where she prosecuted people for domestic violence, sexual assault, rape and murder. Nine years later, she was the first woman to be elected judge for the Westchester County Court where she spent twelve years on the bench. She now serves as a legal consultant and political commentator with Fox News, hosting her own program Justice with Judge Jeanine.

On Judge Jeanine’s May 30 program she raised the question of where or not Hillary Clinton sold and sacrificed national security for money. She stated:

“Under federal law, it is illegal for foreign governments to contribute to political candidates. And all efforts by foreign governments to buy American made arms must be cleared by the State Department. The policy: to prevent cash from influencing or jeopardizing our national security.

But nothing says you can’t contribute to a foundation run by politicians who may or may not campaign in the future.

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And under federal law, the State Department that gives clearance for such sales is required to take a nation’s human rights record into account when they purchase military equipment.

In 2009, when Hillary Clinton – about to become Secretary of State – agreed to disclose cash contributions from foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation. When asked whether she would refuse to accept foreign money to her foundation, since it could be seen as a way to curry favor with the Secretary of State and possible future president, Mrs. Clinton demurred.

In a true Clinton two-step, reports say Hillary Clinton’s State Department oversaw and approved 165 billion dollars of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments gave millions to the Clinton Foundation, including Algeria, Qatar, Kuwait.

That figure nearly doubles arms sales to countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation compared to George W. Bush’s second term.

And Hillary Clinton’s State Department also OK’d Pentagon deals with 16 countries that donated to her foundation, leading to a 143 percent increase from the Bush administration years.

Algeria is one of the countries, by the way, that Hillary forgot to put on her Clinton Foundation disclosure. So was our national security for sale? You be the judge.”

I believe it’s a valid question that demands an answer from Hillary Clinton and from an independent bi-partisan counsel that should investigate the actions of Hillary Clinton.

After all Bill Clinton sacrificed the reputation of the office of president because he couldn’t keep his zipper closed. Why should Hillary be any different in a complete lack of moral and ethical character?

Hillary Clinton is not morally and ethically ineligible to run for president of the United States, but she needs to be brought up on charges for selling out national security for the sake of money for the Clinton Family Foundation. She needs to be tried for the charges that have been filed against her in international court for her role in the terror carried out against the people of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood. She should be held in contempt of Congress and charged with lying to the nation about her knowledge and role in the Benghazi attack.

Hillary Clinton needs to be locked away for the rest of her life in a 6×8 jail cell right next to Barack Obama and Eric Holder.



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