Washington DC is Broken Because They’ve Lost Their Honor

I was watching a taped seminar on marriage and family relationships and the speaker expressed the importance of honor and how the lack of it results in so many problems.  He demonstrated what honor was when he pulled a damaged violin out of a case.  The part that held the strings of the violin onto the body had become detached and the whole string assembly woefully hung from the neck of the violin.  He then showed the audience that inside the violin was the inscription, 1773 Stradivarius.  When he pointed that out, you could hear a number of people in the audience express their awe at seeing a real Stradivarius violin.  He then passed the violin through the audience so they could see for themselves the inscription.  The cameras followed the violin and you could see how the people so delicately held it their hands.  It was obvious they treated it with great respect and something of great value, even though it was broken.

The speaker went on to say that what the audience expressed was a form of honor and that it should be the same way we feel every time we see our spouses and kids.  He relayed to the crowd that he has seen many marriages saved, that were on the verge of divorce, when the couple learned to honor each other.

The same principle applies to other aspects of life as well.  If people would honor each other, that would make a huge difference in all of society.  He also shared some statistics that showed that people who had happy marriages had a tendency to live longer, be healthier and get along better with other people.

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When I heard that I instantly thought of the Fifth Commandment God gave Moses in Exodus 20:12 which says,

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you.”

Honor is a word that has become tarnished and dull in today’s culture.  It’s lost the meaning and awesomeness that it once had, especially when it comes to our leaders in Washington.

The Washington world of politics has completely lost all sense of what honor is.  When I was younger, I had the opportunity to work with Sen Barry Goldwater from Arizona.  I held the man in high honor because I saw a man that held to his values and was the most honest politician I ever knew.  I had the same sense of honor when I had a beer with John Wayne.  I felt a sense of awe when I was with these public figures.

On the flip side of the coin, we had the governor of our state come to speak in one of my high school classes.  I detested the man.  I did not hold him in awe nor was I about to show him any honor as I did not believe he deserved it.  Nowadays, I would pretty much feel the same way if I were to meet some of the Washington politicians such as Obama, Reid or Pelosi to name only a few.  I have lost all sense of honoring these politicians because they have lost all sense of honor towards the American people and to the positions they have been elected to.

A politician should honor the voters that they represent by listening to them and following the will of the people.  Instead, many of our political leaders get elected and then treat the voters as a lower class of citizen.  They then go and do what they personally want to do as a leader, which is often not what the people want.  For example, all of the national polls indicated that 70% to 75% of Americans were against Obamacare, but Obama, Reid, Pelosi and others failed to honor the will of the people and pass the monstrosity anyway.  Polls indicated that at least 70% of Americans were against the Stimulus bailouts, but Obama and Washington’s politicians once again failed to honor the people’s will and they did what they wanted.  The vast majority of Americans are against giving privileged rights to homosexuals or allowing them to serve in the military, but the people are not honored and the politicians give in to a very vocal minority.  The politicians continuously refuse to honor the people’s desire to keep America a Christian nation as it was set up to be and they systematically remove all vestiges of God and the Bible from public and now even private life.  The list of examples goes on and on but I trust you get the idea.

When the men and women, that we elect, fail to honor our instructions, they themselves lose honor and respect.  Today’s near single digit approval ratings for Congress shows you how little honor the people have for their leadership and it’s a direct result of the leadership failing to honor the people.

If the politicians truly honored the people that put them there, we wouldn’t have a broken Washington like we do today.  We wouldn’t be on the brink of economic and moral collapse.  If the politicians honored the American people, we would still have a Christian nation that placed God at the forefront of all we do and say because the majority of people in the United States always have been and always will be Christian.

It all boils down to one simple word and concept – honor.  If Washington wants to be fixed it has to start with honor.  They have to honor the people and honor the God of the Bible.  Then and only then will Washington and our nation be healed.

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